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Comparing Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Only store

Added: Thursday, September 10th 2020 at 11:13am by sfeastbay
Category: Shopping

Since everything else is the same around here, darkish sky at 1030am and you need lights on inside, thought I would sum up my thoughts on the difference between Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Only store.

I know most people don't have a 99 Cent Only store, but you may have multiple dollar or less store brands in your area and can relate.


Now the 99 Cent Only store used to be 99 Cents or less, but one day started having things over 99 Cents like $1.99 and $2.99 and maybe slightly more, but that's all I saw yesterday when I was there.

There are 2 99 Cent Only stores I can go to and 6 (plus 1 more opening soon) I can go to, so Dollar Tree is the king around here.

But their is a difference.

Every Dollar Tree around here always looks like a herd of elephants ran wild inside.

The stores are always messy, and no aisle looks need and straighten unless they just stored that aisle.

And speaking of stock, Dollar Tree seems to let an entire category of merchandise sell completely out before restocking the store for that category.

This means mostly empty aisles all over the store, which makes the place even more sloppy looking and gives shoppers a reason to be slobs more I feel.

There is also usually only one line open with a long line and not many workers in the store at once.


The 99 Cent Store is the opposite, well stocked, clean, neat, and a lot of workers I noticed stocking and more then one checker working with short lines.

They also carry fresh produce and have a large more grocery store like food section with a lot of name brands.

Most of what I bought yesterday was 99 cents or less. 

The basket of strawberries I bought was $1.99, but bananas were 3 pounds for 99 cents.

I saw they had disinfectant spray so bought a can for $1.99 but think that price may have been upped due the current situation. I bought it since it's the first time since the pandemic started that I saw some in stores.

I know my cousin buys napkins from Dollar Tree 150pk for $1.00, but they had 160pk for 99 cents. 

I know I've purchased 15oz cans of Dole brand sliced pineapple for 99 cents there before which was the very first item I ever bought there actually.

I will need to travel back across town more to shop there as it seems a nicer place to shop and has more to offer.

They were hanging out coupons for a free 99 cent item with a $15 or more purchase as they were celebrating September 9th. You know September is the ninth month and it was the 9th, so 9/9 as in 99 (Cent Only) store.....get it. I only got it after hearing annoucements in the store a few times.....LOL

There are a couple of items I buy at Dollar Tree that I didn't see at the 99 Cent Only store, so will shop both since I have free time. 

So that is my Dollar Tree and 99 Cent Only store review.

Now wasn't that boring......LOL


User Comments

You DO cover a subject! 


Today at 1600 ...I am back from exile from the Estacada fire...

Glad to see you back and happier that you are OK!

You're a gem, darlin'...

Thank you FedUp. ❤

I have been going to Dollar General and Family Dollar since their inception, probably and I have yet to enter either one that is neat, tidy or orderly.  The only time I've seen it aisle free, clean and shelves looking neat was opening day and a few months thereafter.  After that, the universal shabbiness eventually has it looking its normal self again.

I think Dollar General is some where in California, maybe the valley, but I've seen reviews of them on youtube and they look like that same herd of elephants ran around those stores also.

LOL!  Precisely!  😆

Our Dollar General, is like the Dollar Tree, but the shelves are a little cluttered.  Family Dollar, on the other hand, you need a plow to get throgh the aisles, and the shelves overhang with goods, to the point that they can, and will fall to the floor.

The nearest Dollar Trees are an hour's drive away or more.  :/

 I'll  bet someone could do pretty well if they opened a franchise here.

Maybe if Dollar Tree can't put a half dozen stores in one area, they stay away.

Dollar stores really messy?  Wow!  You should see ours.  If Good House Keeping gave out awards for the cleanest store in town, they'd win.  That is, the Dollar Store here would win.  Nothing clutters their aisles,   their shelves are neat.  And clerks are helpful and very nice.  At least that's how it was the last time I visited their store, which has been a few months.

I've seen youtube videos of people showing their local Dollar Tree and I watched to see what shape they were in, and they were as you said, kept up and neat.

Dollar trees all tend to be a bit messy one of the original ones here tends to be over stocked which can lead to bring cluttered. Now we have three that are always clean looking and I figured out why they are some what bigger so the isle are further apart so if they are restocking there's plenty of room to get through.

My one friend took pictures of the dollar tree near him and it looked like a disaster had taken place. It was mainly where the kids stuff was.

We used to have a store called Deals and everything was a dollar for many years then it slowly started having &1.99 and up it wasn't but about a year or so later they closed up. They were selling stuff you could pick up at Wal-Mart and K-mart at the  time.

I do think it's the area they are located and the type of people that mostly shop there that determins if they are neat or not. 

Cool!  We don't have either one in our town.   I don't even think they have a 99 cent store in Portland, but maybe I should check.

I've never heard of a .99 cent store. We don't have them around here. All we have are Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree is the cheapest since everything is one dollar or less. 

I think the 99 Cent Only store is mostly in the west now that I think of it.

"Every Dollar Tree around here always looks like a herd of elephants ran wild inside." I agree but it is my favorite store--I get my frozen fruits and vegetables plus yogurt, jars of mushrooms, salsa, pickles, instant coffee, sweet 'n low, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc. same brands and amounts as at supermarkets like Winn-Dixie, Publix, etc. at a lot less!! Plus each Spring flower seeds, potting soil, planters and on and on.

As a 'test' I once bought the exact items and same amount of items at Dollar Tree and a supermarket--I saved over $20

I've compared name brands with other stores and if you do the math by quantity or package size, a lot works out to be the same or within 0.00000001 (some crazy like number) less at Dollar Tree.

So unless a another chain stores has a sale, you can save a fracton of a cent at Dollar Tree if you are there and the store is handy to you.

Different here--what an 8 ounce package of frozen veggies costs at Dollar Tree (a DOLLAR!!!!LOL) cost $1.80 or more at Publix and/or Winn-Dixie---even their store brands--as I said above I save about $20 a week every week (so why am I broke??)

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