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Candy then and now

Added: Friday, October 18th 2019 at 9:20am by sfeastbay

I read this somewhere and have it to share.




What we wanted in our Halloween bag 60 years ago is pretty much what kids want to day, with some exceptions.

You know those wax bottles of sweet juice? Kids don't want them today, but maybe kids never really wanted them.

NOTE: I did, I loved those things. And what did we do afterwards, but yes we chewed the wax like you chew gum.


Circus Peanut Candy. They taste like of thick bug poofy? Kids don't like them.

In fact, they were the Number 1 most disliked candy on a survey by candystore.com.

NOTE: I've never had one and never really wanted to try one.


Black Licorice....or as I call it food of the devil.

That may be an acquired taste. Some people love it.

Smarties. Rolls of little kind of sweet candies. Always the last to come out of the bag then and now.


Also ranking high on the list of dislikes:

Okay, first who is this Mary Jane that she has a candy and a shoe named after her?

But her candy also called peanut butter kisses. Little flat bars of flaky peanut butter candy.

NOTE: Sounds aweful, but I never had one and don't like peanut butter.

Necco Wafers were heavily advertised in the 1950s, but rank high on the list of most disliked today.

NOTE: I like Necco Wafers so whomever wrote this article is crazy....LOL


According to Forbes, today there is more of an emphasis on sour and tart then in previous generations. You'll find kids snapping up Jolly Rancher candies, Sour Patch kids, and Skittles.


Some of the old favorites are still around: Candy Bars like Butterfinger and Snickers (another two food of the devil candies by the way), and chocolate bars rank high as favorites.

M&Ms and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups seems to be the most favored of all, along with Twix and Kit Kat bars.

So were some of your likes and dislikes listed?

Did you have favorites or dislikes as a kid and still as an adult?


Now this is a good candy if I was to be bad and buy candy.



User Comments

I liked the wax bottles. And zero bars. Bottle caps. Almond Roca and black Licorice is ok but I’d rather have black jelly beans.

Black jelly beans are also added to food of the Devil....LOL

My mother liked Almond Roca, but I never did.

I never did like those plastic bottles filled with sweet syrup. But I did like Circus Peanuts and I still like them today. I hated black licorice, and Smarties, and Neccos and still do. But I still like Mary Jane's peanutbutter kisses and was disappointed I couldn't find any this year. (Of course I love peanutbutter.) I liked Butterfingers and still do but am not all that fond of Snickers or 3 Musketeers bars. My all time favorite is MilkyWay bars. And I prefer the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate. I also prefer the old fashioned kind. The ones that are all caramel go against my grain. 

Besides not caring for peanut butter, I've never cared for caramel, taffy, toffee or any other of that type products. I'm not a fan of chocolate either, but will eat small amounts of it at times.

As a child I ate PB&J sandwiches all the time, so not sure why PB make the don't eat list as an adult.

I just noticed I said "plastic bottles" and I know they were made of wax, not plastic. Guess since talking about the plastic bags I have the word "plastic" on the brain. LOL 

Can't understand anybody who doesn't like peanutbutter, caramel, or taffy. I think they're pretty good. 

Most of those candies, I no longer eat, because they're high in corn fructose, the sweetner that does more harm then good.  Chocolate, of course, is my down fall.  And yet, I seldom eat chocolate now.  I do, on the other hand, eat 3 musketeers.  3 fun size bar at a time, about once a day.

If I don't have any fun size bars on me when I go out for the day, and my glucose drops to a dangerous level, I'll have Gary go to a casey's gas station, or a UStop Station, go in and get me a 3 musketeers.  In case you didn't know, there is something in the 3 Musketeers candy, and they refuse to give out the ingrediants, that will level out the glucose, putting it back in normal range.  I've had a few incidents, and the 3 Musketeers worked every time.

Didn't know that about 3Musketeers.

I think I heard once about chocolate did have some health benefits to it, but don't remember what was said about it.

I like the candied corn and only eat them if they're around for the holidays.  I like the colored circus peanuts not just the orange alone.  I love the Necco wafers.  I buy a couple of packs whenever I go to Cracker Barrell.

I still like Snickers candy bar.  I also like Pay Day, Zero, Milky Way and Chunky.

Looks like you wouldn't have to worry about me stealing any of your candy since I don't care for the ones you like outside Necco......LOl

I love, love, love Mallo cups. I could eat half a dozen without stopping, lol.

Chocolate first!  Sour patch last!  Everything else is middle of the road, except for those peanuts.   I didn't like them either. 

I like the sour apple Jolly Ranchers, never had sour patch kids.

l think l would like all of those.

I'm amazed they can keep coming up with new things to put on the market.

I like/liked most of these... but God I hated those big ugly circus peanuts.

Smarties were the bomb :P

Sounds like those peanuts were something you either loved or hated.

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