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Amazing how many youtube videos there are on how to freez eggs

Added: Monday, March 23rd 2020 at 8:38am by sfeastbay
Category: Food & Drink

Day 7 or 21



I've never thought about freezing eggs, and since I rarely buy eggs, I've never needed to freeze any in the first place.

But it seems people do if they have a lot of chickens and can't use all the eggs.

So when I saw a trending video on freezing eggs, it peaked my interest, so I watched one.

Come to find out you just don't stick the egg in the freezer......LOL

This woman took two eggs and mixed the yolk and white part together trying to keep air bubbles out, saying that would cause freezer burn.

She then pour the mixture in to sealable sandwich bags,, laid them flat in the freezer to freeze, then stacked them in a plastic contain to be neet.

You just warm them under warm water and then have liquid eggs for baking or making scrambled eggs or omelets.

Seems easy if you need to freeze eggs for any reason.

Now I'll never in my life need to freeze eggs, but that method seemed easy and logical then filling up ice cube trays with eggs.

That just doesn't look right to me.


I guess this person wanted to keep the yolks and white separate.


The thought of reaching in and grabbing a couple of ice cubes for you cold drink and grabbing egg cubes instead, sort of turns my stomach.


So have you ever frozen eggs?

Would you?


User Comments

I would never freeze eggs. I barely eat eggs at all. I may buy a carton of eggs twice a year, lol.

I will buy liquid egg whites in the carton and make scrambled eggs some Sundays. But a carton if fresh is rare.

No. Never knew you could. But I really have to fancy eating eggs or for some reason my stomach gets iffy when eating them. 

I'll buy liquid egg whites every so ofter, but rarely a dozen. But if I were to go out for breakfast, I would order them.

Oh for goodness sakes!  We never went to the extremes of freezing eggs, before they're cooked.  We do freeze eggs, after they're cooked.

Freezing the raw eggs, we can do, but we prefer to have them cooked before.

Cooked before freezing is just like having one of those frozen breakfast meals that will include scrambled, so I can see freezing them cooked.

I've always frozen eggs right in the shell. What they're doing is too much work.

They don't crack open once frozen or the taste altered in any way?

Just sock them in a pan of COLD water and wait until they thaw. Or take them out of the freezer and put them in the fridge for a few days. Then crack them and dump them out as usual. Because they're in a shell, where freezer burn can't get to them, they don't usually taste any different.

I have some eggs reaching their bestby date. I'll give the baggie method a try

Never hurts to try, and it seems logical.

Make sure there are no air bubbles before you seal the baggie.

Who would ever have thought? Lol

Can you see Easter morning. Mommy why are all the eggs I find frozen?

Now that's funny! Talk about hard eggs!

Mommy, mommy my easter eggs are melting.....LOL

I haven't ever Frozen eggs... 

I have powdered eggs in my food storage.   Also, you can use all kinds of substitutes for eggs in recipes. 

One video that I didn't watch told about doing it with water and a jar, which was done before there was electric fridges.

Yep... and oiling them... to make them last longer. 

I looked into this years ago and found different information on the saftey of it that made me say -yeah never mind. I had a small storage box of bought powdered eggs instead. 

I just watched a video on "Water Glassing Eggs" by Homesteading Family on Youtube. It is very interesting. You basically use hydrated lime (also known as pickling lime and slacked lime) to store eggs up to 2 years without refrigeration. They put in a bucket over with mixture and store. 

I don't need any method as I don't eat eggs period. Instead I need flax and chia to make vegan eggs-much easier and safer to store those :) But hubby does still eat eggs but not often. He does however require I use egg and oil in his brownies as chia eggs and applesauce don't cut it for him LOL

I started to watch the video, but turned it off since I knew I would never do that, but I never thought about people storing eggs at any time in history.

Yeah I never gave it much thought before I watched certain videos either. I always just remember my gram saying they would go out and get eggs. But with 12 kids they probably didn't have time to store any. (GONE!) Cause she never told me O' we stored them this way. So I'm guessing they never made it past the skillets LOL 

{#what-the-oh-my.gif} {#wow_bounce.gif} {#wow_girl.gif} Never frozen an egg, and we eat a lot of them, worth thinking about.

My eggs stay fresh for up to three months in the fridge if I don’t wash them first. Sometimes my hens lay too many and other times not enough and when I had 22 hens I had to freeze some if I couldn’t give them away fast enough.

Washing eggs after they are laid was one thing Americans do that the rest of the world doesn't understand. They don't so they can be left out and we do so they look pretty in the store to purchase so they need to be in the fridge. We so like to do things different then the rest of the world.....LOL

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