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A test posting from my laptop.I'll talk about the post office if you see this...LOL

Added: Thursday, May 25th 2023 at 11:43am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

This is a test post from my laptop to see if it works today.

If it works I'll say have you seen the new Post Office blue mailboxes?

Went to the post office this morning using the drive-thru and saw the new boxes for the first time.

You now can't mail a letter with out getting out of the car. 

There is no 'snorkle' as they call it and do little door to pull down. There is just a slot and it can't be reached from your car. It's so narrow you couldn't even get a thick envelope in it.

I had to put the van in gear, undo the seat belt and open the door and step out to reach the slot.

The woman behind me must have thought I was an idiot, but as I pulled away, I looked back and saw her looking at the boxes with a blank look on her face and starting to take off her seat belt.

I had read last week that the post office with starting new things to combat mail theft and these new boxes will keep people from 'fishing' out mail. 

I used to get annoyed when a car in front of me would stop a mile away from the box and try and reach out, and then park and get out to reach.

Now every car must do that so the drive-thru isn't fast anymore.

Okay, now to see if this posts.

User Comments

Okay it worked, must have been a glitch yesterday when trying to use my laptop.

Yep, it worked.  Here, I have found the drive though boxes taped over most of the time...at first I thought it was just the weekend but it has been that way for months, if not years. This problaby answers my question,

Driving around town there is almost not corner mail boxes. Years ago there used to be a mail box out front the entrance of just about every large chain grocery store but those vanished ages ago.


I don't remember the last time I saw one anywhere but outside the post office itself.

Do you suppose that "blank look on her face" meant anything? Beyond: Does Not Compute.

How annoying. 

Now let's see what else we can do to  annoy YOU!!!!!{#apploud.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}{#cheerleader.gif}

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