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A package with seven items due to arrive from Amazon tomorrow

Added: Friday, January 24th 2020 at 1:18pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I ordered seven items from Amazon, and they said it should arrive tomorrow.

I just checked and at 6am this morning, it arrived at their facility a few exits down the freeway from me, so I'd say it will.

I will say one thing about amazon, they do a good job of getting items to you on the day they say.

Now I know some people may be havingn a fit that I'm buying from amazon instead of going to a local store, but I have amazon e-gift cards so have no choice.

I still have some more I can get from the work rewards points I have so will be purchasing more things later on.

I did need to get a new floor fan for this summer, as my old one broke at the end of summer last year. I hadn't thought about it before until last week, so there was a good item to get for free since I needed to get one anyway.

Even if it doesn't last 16-17 years like the old one (and we know it won't), it will have been free so worth getting.

I also am replacing one of my shake flashlights that broke on me as I love the two I have. I keep one inside and one in the glove compartment in my van. They may not be the brightest flash lights, but if I can just shake it to have light and it doesn't need batteries, I love them.

The rest was just odds and ends to use at home that weren't very expensive which left me with value still on the $100.00 e-card I used. I still have value on credit from the last card, so have to find something else to  get plus redeem the one still from work.

Gee, a bunch of free stuff dropped off for me, it's like Christmas but instead of Santa in a sleight being pulled by reindeer, it will be Santa in a white van using horse power instead.....LOL





User Comments

Nice! It would cost me a lot to drive all over to get some of the items I can order from Amazon and have delivered. I could order from Walmart too ... not a fan of those stores but I'm stuck way out in no where. 

Shopping online does have its advantages for people and can be handier then trying to get to stores.

Nice!!  I'm still leery of buying anything on line.

Probably smart!  No telling what the useful-idiot-devils will do with the data they will collect from your online activities...no data is "sacred" these days...

 It was also free shipping so you can more for the card value. If it wasn't for having to redeem these work points, it's rare for me to shop online unless I need something you just can't find in stores any longer.

just watch they don't just leave it hanging out on the porch

I'll be hear all day tomorrow, so I'll see them. That's the one advantage of having four large windows in my living, nothing gets past me without me seeing it....LOL

I LOVE gift cards and for the reason you said -- everything I get with them is FREE. Don't worry about shopping on line. It's getting so most people do. It's a lot easier to order on line and then wait then get out in the crowds and catch that new virus they have in China.

Sadly there is just somethings you just can't find in stores any longer, but you can find them online using amazon. I know local stores used to carry those little odd things you need to replace every so often, but now they don't but looking on amazon you  can find them.

I do most of my shopping on eBay because things are usually a lot cheaper there. I also shop at places like Walmart.com and Sears.com because they will have things there they don't carry in the store.

Work used to give us Walmart e-gift cards, and I was surprised all the things Walmart.com had to sell that you would never see in their stores including coffins and "adult" items.

I haven't looked at their site in ages since work switched to amazon e-cards.

They still have lots of weird stuff, not all of it sold by Walmart, per se. It's a lot like eBay and Amazon. 

I would go absolutely insane if I couldn't shop online.  Who the hell is gonna run all over three counties looking for and shopping for the stuff I've needed for the last several years, especially these past eight months?  DIL would do the dollar store and snack shopping when she had the chance, but it appears I've pissed her off again.  Thankfully, Kroger's still has pickup service and I found someone to do that for me, so I stocked up. 

Lucky you to have all that free stuff and money left over!  Santa was good to you!  

Not so free since the e-cards are coming from a work program so they must tax the value of it. Plus paying tax on what I get, Uncle Sam puts his hands in everything.....LOL

Well enjoy your free gifts when they arrive.....

Thanks. It's not all fun stuff, coffee was cheaper then getting it at the store so I got some and a few other things I knew were cheaper.

You wouldn't believe this, but I have just lost my rag with Amazon AU, I was trying to buy a book for my Kindle {I have 448 the bloke told me} so I do know what I'm doing, but it wouldn't let me buy, kept asking for my password {#grr.gif} {#grr.gif} {#grr.gif} , so I said a nice few  words {not} lol. anyway it's all fixed up now, but boy O boy did I lose it, poor bloke.

I hate computers when you put the entry in and it says it's wrong when you know it's not.

At least you got it worked out, so that's good.

Yes, I have to admit, even though I could only understand ever third word he said, he was very nice "well I think he was". lol

Oh I really like shopping Amazon and getting packages even when I have to pay for them it's so fun to open them like Christmas! I don't get mail except junk and catalogs. Things have changed and not always for the better. I still shop at local stores but online and have stuff delivered most of the time except for Walmart and Home Depot and dollar tree and most of the time I go into Target because it's stuff I'm not willing to wait for delivery.

Tracking shows amazon turned the package over to the local post office for delivery, so people won't know I shopped Amazon if the mail lady brings it.

I feel cheated since on weekends I see the Amazon white vans and the Amazon Prime van come down this street a couple of times each day. Guess my order wasn't worthy of a white van.....LOL

It seems like there is a package on our porch each day {#bag-on-head.gif}

Sounds like someone is a shop-a-holic {#basic-laugh.gif}

Works fo me, being stuck inside and ride to any store and back is 5.00, I pay  for prime and order away  {#basic-cool.gif}

Amazon tracking said my package was turned over to the local post office for delivery, so she should be here in a couple of hours.

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