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A lot of flowers were being sold at the grocery store tonight.

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 7:21pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

This was week four of going grocery shopping Friday after work, and while the store was light on shoppers like it had been, the floral area was jammed.

People were buying flowers like crazy, and even waiting in line for the floral person.

They also had bouquets of roses everywhere ready to grab and go, and a lot of people were getting those.

Seems Valentine's day is big business for flowers at that store.

Now this store just happens to be where traffic is jammed as cars come off the bridge heading onto surface streets, so it's very easy for people to hit this grocery store to get flowers before heading home.

Come to think of it, there was a cop car there when I got there, I wonder if that's what he was doing.

Almost got into an accident on the way home due this crazy driver that everyone was watching for and honking their horns at him.

Don't know what his problem was, it was almost like he was driving to cause and accident, the way he was speeding then slowing down, then making like he was going to turn into someone and then veering off the other way. It was crazy and scary.

I was glad to get home and off the streets tonight. Between Friday commute time and people heading out for Valentine's dates and dinners, it's to crazy out there to be driving.

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I was at Wal-Mart's this evening and omg the card section was getting that picked over look.Lol the candy section even worse. 

When I worked in the office which was in the financial district, you could go to Walgreens on Valentine's day and the aisle was filled with men buying cards.

Nothing says thinking of you like a day of purchased card on your lunch hour...LOL

Maybe the driver got rejected from his valentine and had a death wish.

Who knows, but that could just mean one of the apartments from where he came from, might be a crime scene today.{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

I'm glad we're staying in!

Happy Valentine's Day!{#giveflowers2.gif}

I remember once when I was married, about twenty years ago, I brought home some flowers I had purchased at the grocery store on Valentines Day and gave them to my then wife.  She looked at them for about two seconds before walking to the front door and throwing those flowers out into the front yard.  I suffered in misery and silence for about a month after that mistake.

I know from when I worked in the office, it was a big deal for the girls to have their guy send  flowers to them in the office on Valentine's day. Something about a florist bouquet arriving they can show off to the other women was a major thing, and the bigger the bouquet the better.

That crazy driver could have been texting. Probably telling his sweetheart what time he would be picking her up for dinner. Texters always pay more attention to their phone than they do to the road. I'm glad you didn't get into an accident. 

I went through that same area this morning and it's a good thing there was no cars in the left turn lane or I'd had hit them when I had to veer to the left when he came racing by.

Same guy? Maybe you should alert the cops. 

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