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Shaunepawn 1derlander

21 counties had power shut off. Phase 2 to start at 8pm tonight

Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 4:42pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Last night 21 counties had their power shut off as a precaution due to high winds.

Phase II has been delayed until 8pm tonight if need be.

My city is part of Phase II, but again the electric company map shows the west side of the hills where I am, will not be shut off.

We have no wind today, but you never know what can happen later.

They are telling people once power can be restored (after any winds stop) it could take days to restore power and they should plan for up to 7 days of no power.


This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

I can understand why they are doing it since they don't wish to be sued anymore then they already off due lost of life and property from last years deadly fires which is being blamed on down power lines in high winds.

Power lines should have been buried undergroun years ago in forest areas, since down power lines around dry forests causing fires isn't some new concept that just started.

And to have to take up to a week just to turn the power on assuming no fire actually started to make a situation worse it mind boggling to me in this 21st century world we live in.

They have to go around turning  power station on manually (or something like that) they said.

I know many years ago now when the whole city of San Francisco had the power shut off because someone flipped the wrong switch (that really happen), it tooks hours after they figured out what had happen for them to go around to each power station in the city and turn the power on manually.

I don't think I would loose power even if windy by their map, but you never know when some idiot flips a wrong switch again.



User Comments

Yeah it’s the height of incompetence and greed and don’t even get me started again.

Call me a "conspiracy theorist", but I think this is kinda fishy!

I think it's a big scare to have a reason to raise rates and people won't complain thinking the money will go to improving the grid and putting power lines underground in fire prone areas.

With the amount of money they were sued for it is a pre-emptive action. I do wonder why some of the lines are not buried, but I don't know how stable the land is or how expensive that would be.

Much of my area has all utilities underground except in the areas where there would be landslides and debri slides. Easier to replace a pole than to replace underground lines.

I hope to goodness you don't lose power again. 

Still have power, but the wind picked up 330am for a couple of hours and stopped. Now it's just a little breezy.

They have been using their money to replace old gas lines, so I'm sure they don't have the money (so they say) to spend on putting electric lines underground, but this may be a turning point on something like that happening.

Every time I read about the goings on in your area I'm glad I decided to settle here.

Earthquakes are always talked about for our area, but it's forest fires that do the most harm every year.

This news made it into our little newspaper.  They said over a million customer's affected by this shut down. 

And that number would be for just small towns for the most part. Only small portions of bigger city hill areaa are down. It would be many millions if they did the entire bay area.

You know, if I lived in California I'd do anything to just get the hell out of there.

That's what my cousin who still lives here keeps saying. After his mother is gone, he wants to get out of California. The only family we have left is in the central valley or in Oregon and I'm sure don't want to be the last one still living here.

He wants to go to Nevada and I keep pushing for Oregon. I keep telling him to pay attentiion to the news that Nevada is now California East so it's not the 1970s Nevada he remembers.

They flip a switch to turn it off but it will take DAYS to turn it back on?

What kind of incompetence is THAT??

I know, turn off the grid real quick, but have to travel to each power station and turn everything back on manually AFTER they check all the lines to make sure none are down. Talk about job security and a lot of overtime pay.

And people WONDER why California is broke..............?

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