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1 good thing & 1 GRRRR! thing to say about Comcast cable. 1 GRRR! thing to say about the post office

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 8:52am by sfeastbay

The cable box in my bedroom that I haven't used in years except to look at to see what time it  is, died sometime between Sunday and when I looked to see what time it was yesterday morning.

After checking the living room cable box and trying the bedroom box in the living room, I knew it was the box that died.

I thought great, while there is a Comcast/Xfinity store near me, the times I've gone there, there is about nine million people waiting and the strip center parking lot is always full.

So I went online to see how late there were open, which was 8pm, and I noticed something about making an appointment.

Well that is new, I clicked that option and chose a 6:45pm appointment to go in and switch my box.

You chose an option of why you are going in and for switching out equipment they plan on 15 minutes.

I went there and parked right in front, which was a shock that there was a lot of parking open.

I walked in and the reception guy ask how could he help me. I told him I had a 645 to switch the box, he clicked on his computer and called me by name.

This was about 630pm so I sat a few minutes before I was called and got the box switched.

The new box is so tiny compared to what I was exchanging, which was good.....almost.

The new box doesn't have a clock on the front so seeing the time is now not an option.

I give a BIG A+++++++++ for the appointment option and service compared to the old way.

The one GRRRR! about Comcast cable.....the new remote for the new box doesn't work so I have to go  back and switch it out.

I had to use the remote from the living room to make sure it all worked ok after setting it up.


The U.S. Post office rant is a package from an ebay sale sent on December 16 has still not arrive to the buyer. The last message from the post office tracking both online and when I called says it's still in transit which was from December 26 from when it was in left Jacksonville, Florida.

It's going to the U.S. Virgiin Islands and their phone recording says due the earthquake in Puerto Rico, things are delayed. So I assume any mail going to the Virgin Islands must go via P.R., so not sure about the status.

At least I decided to insure the package on my own so if a claim needs to be made, I will give it to the buyer and just be out the items which sat in the closet since my childhood so it's not an issue if that happens.

But there is still a chance it may get delivered. I just have to check with the post office in person and see what they have to say and talk about the insurance claim if that is needed.

I'm glad it had a tracking number so the buyer knows it was sent, and I'm glad I decided to insure it since where it was going.

Come on post office do your thing and get it there.


User Comments

I hate screwing with the cable company. Or the phone company which is worse. The phone company called two weeks ago. They no longer supported twisted pair, they said, and we needed the line upgraded to fber optic. They booked an appointment and the technician showed up. I was waiting because they have jerked our chain before.

I asked when they has stopped supporting copper twisted pair. He said they hadn't. So I asked him why he was here. He said we had requested an upgrade.

I told him no we hadn't and no, we would not switch television or internet to the phone company. He apologized. Said they contracted shit like that out and we had gotten taken again. He said we were good if we didn't want their television or Internet and left.


What a scam what was. The contracted company must get bonus money for everyone they switch, so they call and trick people.


When we switched cable box's from cable to digital few years ago it took getting used to. Gone was the clock feature and the cables guide is sometimes hard seein the lettering is so small.

I'm going to miss the clock, it was what I looked at when I slept on my right side. Now I'll have to turn over and look at the clock next to my bed that I use when I sleep on my left side.

I might have to get a second clock so I can be lazy and not have to turn over.....LOL

That's what I did I got a couple of digital clocks so I can see if I still have time to sleep. Lol

There's a vcr attached and I thought it used to tell the time, but I just tried setting it and it doesn't so I might just get a small cheap clock for that side of the room. Come to think of it, I might have an old one in the closet I could use.

P.O. is so bad in my little town that I got a PO Box in a nearby community.

That is bad.

We are so very rural, but have fiber optic, so we have fast internet and stream with Amazon for TV. Dish was our other choice but since we are in a deep valley--poor reception and it cost too much $$$, we nixed it in 1999. We did without any TV at all for about 12 yrs. That was so nice!

I have 200+ channels and there is nothing on worth watching except old programs from the 50s/60s/70s that more and more stations seem to be showing.

This is why I got rid of cable and went with Hulu and Netflix. No box, no line, no anything to replace. And I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. 

Not much worth watching on broadcast TV anyway, so many cable stations show old TV reruns which are better then what they put out today.

TV reruns which are better then what they put out today.

No way, we're in the Golden Age of TV. Especially for action/drama/thriller {#basic-laugh.gif}

I know one thing about dealing with the cable company....  I much prefer online to some idiot on the phone. I've found I can actually get answers when dealing with a tech through chat.

You mean you don't think the person on the phone who says 'unplug it, wait five minutes, then plug back in' knows what they are talking about?....LOL

HHMMMmmm I don't know much about this sort of thing.

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