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Best home remedies for wart removal

Added: Monday, December 19th 2016 at 1:31am by seomayaf
Related Tags: skin care, healthcare



Warts aren’t that harmful, but they aren’t too pretty either. They can cause physical discomfort as well as cause psychological trauma on the victim. This is because warts can seriously hamper the looks of a person if it especially grows on the face.

Warts on genital areas or hands and legs also cause the victim to feel embarrassed to engage in any sexual activities with their partner. So if you wake up one morning and see a wart growing on any part of your body, don’t panic, there are lots of effective wart removal procedures available today.



More about warts

Warts develop due to a virus named as Human Papilloma or HPV. They are unwanted growth which looks very ugly. They are non-cancerous and often painless but highly contagious and grow in clusters.

Hence, you need to remove them as soon as possible to prevent it from getting worse. There are many over the counter drugs that work as effective wart remover and are often considered the best way of removing warts. You can also opt for home remedies. Here are some popular ones.

Home remedies

Home remedies involve ingredients that are easily available at home. Some popular home ingredients used for wart removal are:

·         Aloe Vera: Usefulness of Aloe Vera leaf gel is widely known. You can apply this on your wart area for a few days and you will notice clear improvements.

·         Apple Cider Vinegar: This kitchen ingredient is very effective against warts. If applied on a regular basis it will melt away warts. When mixed with lime juice, the citric acid helps to kill the virus.

·         Duct tape: It is a slow but effective process. You need to apply the duct tape regularly for quite a while.

For quicker results, you can use over the counter wart remover drugs.






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