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Added: Saturday, April 28th 2012 at 12:11pm by schree




HEY EVERYONE! If any of you live in or around Vegas! Let me know ok? I'd like to personally invite you to my Improv stand up show "IN THE TRENCHES WITH SCHREE!" It's an hour for you to relax and just laugh your ass off! You guys know me! Sorry I haven't been around much, after the car accident. You remember that, right Peeps? Anyway, we had to take it really easy. We, we're back on the air and I'm back to my stand up! So, I'd really love to see you there!! The info is at www.schreeandbaby.com I performed last night. I am so dumb.. Why didn't I tell you guys last night? BBRRR DUHHH ME! MUAS! Love you guys!

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