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You are kind of funny. Lindsey Graham. It took this to realize that trump and his administration can 't be trusted?

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, October 9th 2019 at 9:41pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: politics, trump

It is really kind of funny. Lindsey Graham was friends with John McCain. However when John got sick and had to leave the Senate, Mr Graham forgot who his friend was. Even though trump attacked McCain and insulted him at any point, Lindsey Graham tucked his tail between his legs and became trump’s bitch.

What is laughable about this whole thing is that Lindsey doesn’t understand the evidence that trump has been providing since day one. trump expects loyalty, personal loyalty, but gives none. None does he have any respect for others who are supportive of his actions. There is some evidence that Senator Graham was surprised that trump would make a unilateral decision to back Turkey and not stand by our allies in the fight against ISIS, ie the Kurds.

He is now scrambling with coming up with a package to put sanctions bill to withhold US funds belonging to President Erdogan, president of Turkey, along with other high office. The bill would also end military operations with Turkey and withhold travel visits to the United States for Turkish agents. This bill is bipartisan and is in reaction to the fact that after trump’s announcement, the attacks on Syria, and the Kurds living there, have already begun.

The Kurd’s were our allies in the most recent fight against ISIS. trump, of course is claiming we owe the Kurd’s nothing because according to him, they didn’t help us with World War Ii???? What the heck??? The Kurds are more recent allies than that, and if you are asking the question, “what have you done for me lately?”, the answer would be plenty.

I could have told Senator Graham that trump had no loyalty, nor does he care about people who are loyal to him except as he is thereby able to use them. On the international stage that shows in his willingness to let allies down, and extoll the virtues of known State Enemies or at least adversaries like Russia and North Korea. Abandoning the Kurds is exactly what a man like trump would do.

Sadly, I suspect Lindsey Graham has STILL not learned his lesson!!! He is still defending trump against the impeachment investigation after all. How many more debacles and betrayals will it take for some of these people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that it is an oncoming train?

i don’t like war, I really don’t. I don’t think we should get involved with every issue that comes down the pike. However, trump is not staying out of this conflict between Turkey and the Kurds so much as he is, in essence, giving Turkey the green light to go destroy the Kurds.

What this will likely do, if the world is paying attention, is that countries around the world will come to the realization that, under trump, the United States is not a reliable ally. They will then forge treaties, both defense and trade, that don’t depend on the “good ole USA.” Some of the right wing in this country will likely take the attitude that “we don’t need them, they need us”. Except we DO, in fact, need “them” in order to truly prosper in the world.

The saddest thing about this, is that we actually deserve everything coming our way because of our arrogance and decision that we don’t need anybody, and are somehow exempt from the rules of civil conduct and just common decency, as well as practicing what we preach. Now we in this country and the world both know with evidence, that we don’t live our vaunted ideals, and in fact on trying to renege on what few we have managed to live into so far.

Sadly, if we continue in the way we are going, we will be the country that nobody wants to try to deal with, and it is our own fault.




User Comments

Kinda of hard to not laugh at Graham cuz of his a-kissing and getting no loyalty in return.  Sadly, if the United States gets the blowback that we, in essence, deserve from all this, it will end up hurting us all.

I really believe Lindsey is being bribed by that orange thug with big dollars straight into his bank account (probably off-shore).  I cant imagine how anyone who once thought the White House squatter was deplorable could change his tune overnight without incentive.

As for withdrawing the troops from Turkey, perhaps Erdogan made a deal for the trump tower in Istanbul to remain a business in Turkey if troops are withdrawn.

That fricking maggot is destroying the planet, instigating wars and massacres (the Kurds) building up the family's personal wealth while spitting on the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.

Oh I agree totally about the horrible damage he is doing.The United States may not soon recover the level of respect we had in the world when this is over.

I really expect that we will lose some  allies either to Russia or China or to each other...say south America and Mexica trading together and us being left out of the loop altogether because under trump, we are just too much trouble to deal with.

This, I think, will come back to haunt us...but sadly the nation as a whole deserves whatever happens in that regard for being insane enought to let the orange blithering idiot get into the White House.

expeciallly since we (as a nation) have let him get away with it this long.

this is what I find the most incomprehensible of all. The fact that he has virtually destroyed the Constitution and he has been allowed to get away with it.  I am just completely stupefied by it all.

a real shocker for sure!!!!

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