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Whatever Baltimores problems....trump is NOT the answer,

Added: Wednesday, July 31st 2019 at 10:30pm by scenefromtheleft

This picture is especially appropriate right now. trump, wounded by the fact that Elizah Cummings is part of the group that is resisting his horrible inhumane policy at the border, is striking out. Now I do not, for one minute, buy the theory that trump is not a racist. He is either a racist or an opportunist who is willing to stoke the fires of racial bigotry, as well as homophobia, to build himself up in the eyes of his “white nationalist” fans and they are nothing more than racist pure and simple. So either he is racist or is using them to get his way. Both about equality bad.

Today, Ben Carson stuck his nose into it but saying that trump is not a racist and that he cares about the people of Baltimore. He went on to say that trump would visit but is concerned that the reaction would be so hostile, it would be counter-productive. Well, he needs to be concerned. He came to New Orleans one time, and I proudly participated in a large march to protest his presence. We don’t need trump in New Orleans, and Baltimore doesn’t need him either.

Some will say that Ben Carson vouching for trump should tell us something. Well, i agree, it should. It should tell us even more than the horrible attitude Carson has as the head of HUD, that Carson has no real empathy for the poor. He is a rich man who long ago lost touch with his roots in the housing projects he was raised in. Because he was one of the lucky ones that was able to break out, he forgets how lucky he wants and thinks every Black man can do the same.

There is a syndrome in the women’s movement of the queen bee. The queen bee is a woman who made it. She managed to burst though the glass ceiling. Because of that, she thinks everybody should go though what she did, suffer the same pain. Well, Ben Carson is the male version of that. Having made it, he has no room for compassion for others still struggling.

Baltimore has problems, as most cities do. However trump and Carson are people with attitudes that are part of the problem, not the solution. While I will concede that it would be unwise to saw that Carson is racist (against Blacks anyway), I do not and will not ever grant that to trump. trump is NOT the solution, he has proven over and over that he cares for the rich and powerful, whether they be in this country or Russia, and not for the working class.

In fact, that is an assessment I render to the whole GOP. The so called “tax reform” that give the super-rich huge discounts on taxes while giving pittances to the middle class is proof of that. I have said that my taxes actually went up, and this is the first year, the year we were supposedly going to get the largest break. I shudder to think what I will be paying in 2025 if somebody doesn’t change that horrible tax structure again before then.

That is why I am an extremely proud member of the RESISTANCE and will continue to be. trump, don’t come to New Orleans…ever!!! In fact, go back to your ivory tower in trump Towers and leave the running of the country to people who actually care about this country instead of befriending dictators and copying them and their style.

VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO…or heck vote for Bill Weld, anybody but trump.


User Comments

Because the corrupt racist-mongering man in the white house found a black man to back him up doesn't change who the dictator wannabe is.

He’s a racist bigot that has too many enablers.. Everyone that doesn’t call him out is complicit in his racism.,

Yes, exactly.

he is a racist, a misogynist, even maybe a pedophile if that 13 year old girl he raped a couple of times at least can have the courage to proceed with her case against him, he is the epitome of all that is vile and evil and he's worse than the ugliest feral rat anywhere. I cant wait until he is no longer the potus and is jailed for the rest of his life!!

I want him out of office as quickly as possiible.  In addition to all of what you mention, he is just too arrogant and stupid in his tweets to be allowed to continue ot represent our country.  And then there are his abuses of human rights with the concentration camps on the border.  Little kids put in jail....just horrific.

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