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aKunaKumara MisterCox

What a delight it was to vote early in my wonderful blue Caribbean City by the Gulf

Added: Friday, October 16th 2020 at 8:56pm by scenefromtheleft

Today was the first day of early voting in Louisiana and I went and voted. It was a bit of a challenge but turned out to be a really productive fun day. It also renewed my love for this city, which is so diverse in terms of population and so kind to everybody for the most part. I think it is one of the best places in the United States, and certainly in the south for an older individual.

Now, I started out trying to get to vote this morning at 8 am when the poll opened. However, I fell back asleep after getting up for a minute at about 6:30 A and it was just a few minutes before 8 when I woke up. By the time I got dressed and there (about 5 miles away), it was about 8:15. There was a huge line continuing for about 4 or 5 blocks. The line didn’t seem to be moving. It looked more like people were camping out. So, I decided that I was not in a condition to stand there for who knows how long to vote having been up so short a time.

I went back at about 11:45A or 12P and the line was shorter but now doable. I finally went back a third time at about 3 pm and joined the line which was even shorter. I am so glad I did, and it worked the way it did.

Getting there at 3:00, I found myself standing behind a very nice young couple who are in movie production. I think they said they are assistant directors. Anyway, the guy went to get drinks for him and his girlfriend and often to get some for the ones right around him, including me, as well. The two of them, myself, and the woman in front of them got into a discussion. We were all of the same political opinions, but then everybody I met today was pro-Biden. (that is why I called my city “Blue” in the title).

You have to bear in mind that something like 60 percent of this city is Black. There is also a sizable population of Hispanics and a smattering of Arab/Muslim’s. In the greater New Orleans area, there are 40,000 specifically from Palestine. We are a wonderfully diverse population and most of us love and appreciate that fact. Not for our city, the white bread “everybody the same” of much of the southern part of the country…not by any means.

I used the word “Caribbean” in the title because the nice young man in front of me referred to New Orleans as a Caribbean Island Country, and the label is not that odd. Many New Orleans inhabitants consider this city to be different from the rest of the area for good or bad. I consider it a good thing, personally.

But things got even more fun. First, some workers in the polls came back and offered us snacks, bananas, trail mix, etc. Then one of the volunteers brought out a lawn chair and loaned it to one of the older women in the line. New Orleans seems more appreciative of the older persons than I have seen in any other place I have gotten to spend much time. That is one of the reasons I moved here, by the way.

Then, as though to make things even better for we the voters, an organization came by (not really familiar with them and exactly what they do, but it has something to do with meals to feed the poor or something) and they offered us a packaged meal, which I took one of to eat after voting. This was being done as a service for us for 1. voting and 2. presumably standing in line so long, perhaps.

Finally, one of the poll workers came to me and suggested that I move over to another line because of my age. It was an area where I wouldn’t have to stand as long or walk as far. This was done at the right moment because after standing in line about 2 1/2 hours, my feet and legs were both throbbing and numb (not a nice feeling). Not long after that I got to vote, went to the car, ate my packaged dinner, and came home and read some. Oh, and the lady that looked at my idea made the comment that I had registered for mail-in, I told her that I was worried about that with all the hub-bub going on, and she understood, or said she did. All around a good experience.

New Orleans is a great old city, and today reminded me of why I love it. In a society where older persons are almost thrown in the garbage, it is nice to live somewhere where both old things and old people are appreciated. It doesn’t hurt that the city is progressive enough that I can talk about LGBTQ rights and our need to vote Democratic and be understood and accepted and know that they really get in. Not too many places, especially in the deep south would that be true. But then New Orleans is not REALLY a southern city…it is more of a cosmopolitan city like you might find in Europe.

User Comments

Voting reminded me why I love New Orleans.

I see a light at the end of this horrific nightmare of a tunnel that has lasted almost 4 years.

Or it remains the same.

How are things in Greater Perthia?

I certainly hope and pray that you are right.  I came away from yesterday feeling positive and enthusiastic.  

I live in hope and things are great in Perth, thank you...{#basic-laugh.gif}

we will know soon enough, what I do worry about is if Biden gets in and that orange bag of turds wont allow for a peaceful transfer of power.

Hopefully it will lbe such an obvious win by Biden that he will have no choice.

Vix, the way you write is entirely, almost entirely different from all other Blogsters. Myself included! Never know what to say to you.

Um...always vote in every bloody election no matter what even if it means your nose starts bleeding and you end up in hospital?

You are way too nice. Way too nice. Sounds like stupid shit to say doesn't it. Btw, you are way too nice.

I don't know what to say to that about I write differently.  Sorry, it is just the way I write.  Pretty much how I talk.  It comes from whatever that is at my center...(reference to your blog)

Yes, I know all that. You're sorta harmless then. Bit unprecedented but not really. No, it's more like, your kind have been around a lot longer than any of your great-great-great-etc...grandparents.

Thank goodness for the harnessing by humans of what's called electricity. Otherwise yourself and others just like you would be limited to face-to-face.

Yep, pretty much.  I am not that technological or innovative.

Ha! Lucky you then. I am both of those things and it drives me fu__king nuts. The wrong way.


Oh, by the way, I was overapplying my mom's lipstick to my lips sometime around the year 1974. See me, the guy in my avi? Use you mind to turn him back into about 4 years old. Take one of those reds that aren't manufactured anymore for lipstick. The darker ilk. Bold but reserved. Yes, that one. Now smear it on and around my lips. That was me. Just saying.

You started early. :)

Had to show all the men in 1974 that I'm a force to reckon.

Well, you did that.....with flair, bright red flair.

You voted Democrat right? Haha just joking. 

I always actually thought the southern states sounded more interesting, your city sounds lovely. 

My city is lovely, but it is NOT a typical southern city.  The south is heavily republican....you know those that hated Black people converted when the republican party went extremely anti-Black, so now the south is paying the price.  Please note the heavily republican states are the poorest of the states, which makes it all the harder to understand why they vote for the big multi-billionnair party, but that is what it is.

New Orleans is really seen by many as not being a typical southern city, but more like a European city like maybe Paris or Madrid.  It is very cosmopolitan and proudly diverse.  It was founded by the French and the Spainish rather than the Puritans who orginally came from England and were rather nasty to those that didn't follow their rigid faith.

Yeah the right have worked long and hard to convince the poor they are on their side - and that they aren't actually the devil they make the left out to be. 

If I manage to go there - when everyone over there has magically become immune I'll visit - actually I'm a wait for a vax but it does sound lovely. 

I am not at all sure that a vaccination is going to be possible.  I just talked to a friend back in my hometown today that has someone that they know that has had it twice.  

Or it may be that they thought they were better and then had a relapse, but I didn't ask to clarify on that.  But in any case, it does kind of make me wonder.

My doctor's daughter is an immunologist and she's pretty sure a couple of the candidate vaxes are looking good, I'll look on the bright side until then :) 

Yes, but there are a lot of questions that I don't trust this present administration to be honest answering.  I certainly don't buy the "it's just going to disappear" crap.

Hopefully there will be a good vaccine, but hearing about those that seem to have gotten it more than once gives me pause.  But yes, I hope we find a vaccine that will actually work...I just wouldn't trust it on trump's word.  :)

Like I said there are multiples being worked on and concentrating on different strategies, maybe a few of them will work, if I have to live in a world where I can't travel I'm not interested in it anymore. 

Yeah, I want to eventually be able to drive across the state ...or get on a boat and take a cruse without worrying about getting within 6 feet, or whether they are wearing masks at some point.

I am always worried that something is going to give me hepatitis G or whatever its up to this week, then this happens and yanno it's like you can't just randomly steal people's deserts anymore. 

Yeah, sad that!!

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