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Vote Blue in 2020...now lets talk Bernie

Added: Wednesday, April 10th 2019 at 3:24pm by scenefromtheleft

Let’s get one thing out of the way, first. I supported Bernie in the primary in 2016, was proud to do so. Finally there was somebody who spoke for the things that I had been thinking for a long time. Despite what some insisted on calling his old age, and his socialism, he understood, when few others seemed too, the facts that we are at the top in wealth overall but seemingly held prisoner to the elite and powerful.

Not only are the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer, they are doing it faster and more devastating every year. So what does this have to do with?

1. First of all we are the only western country that has the attitude that health care should only be available to those who have the large sums that are only had by the rich. Millions of people have little to no insurance (a situation that the ACA helped a bit with, but not enough). We paid more than any other country in the world for our healthcare and get less care out of it.

Bernie was the first one to advocate for something to change that. He took the position that Medicare for All was the way out. It is popular with Seniors (I know I like mine) and would tend to keep medicare bills down, but also guarantee that everybody had health care as a right. In a truly civilized country, taking care of the citizens should be a prime duty of government.

Now, Medicare for All might not be the only solution. I can see room for public options where people with money might opt for a more “fancy” care package, or just elect to pay extra for the ability to have some options that might not be available.

But overall, I agree that making sure everybody has access to affordable healthcare is a proper goal for a civilized country…one that claims to be humanitarian as the United States has long claimed.

2. We are in this country held captive by Big Oil, and the pollution creating that goes with it. I am on record as saying that pollution is killing us. I also believe, as does Bernie, that if we put anything like what we not put in to sustain the demands of Big Oil, we could have wind, solar, and water power to give us all the energy we need. Electric cars are already becoming a “thing”. We need to move in that direction and get away from the “dictatorship” of Big Oil.

3. Education for all…this is the one area where I am a little different from Bernie. I am not sure tax payer paid college education for everybody is workable. I do think that something has to be done about the over-inflated costs and debts associated with decent education in this country.

I remember being in college in the 1970’s and I went to a state college in my home town. It was tuition free, I commutted from home (5–6 miles away) and was able to get on a work-study program that allowed me to get by with much if any debt.

Now I was lucky in living in a town with a university and therefore able to avoid dorm charges. However, most of those things could be overcome. There is no reason why, in the United States, the wealthiest country in the world, students should be paying debt for the next 30–35 years of their lives in order to be qualified to do the jobs we, as a country, need doing.

I see room for some negotiation in how this is accomplished, but accomplished it must be…somehow. Otherwise, we are going to fall further and further behind the skill set needed in the world to survive.

3. Endless war that serves us no good. Here, let me just refer you to the list on the link below. Bernie is going coalition building and diplomatic methods of dealing with bad-acting countries. He was keeping the Iran deal, which we recently shuttered, being the only one of the co-signing countries to do so. That action on our part 1. tried to negate an agreement that almost everybody agreed was working, and 2. put us at odds with our former allies on the deal.

The days of the United States taking on the job of world police should have ended some time ago, and instead, under this administration, we seem to be going backwards. Remember the disaster of our invasion of Iraq and the result…ie ISIS.

In 2016, there was only one alternative available to Bernie, and that was Hillary. While I voted for Hillary instead of the current person in the oval office, my preference was, in fact, Bernie. This time, Bernie has a lot more competition. However the truth is that many of those people are simply younger versions of a policy position that Bernie was the first on the scene to advocate. Bernie could, then, be seen as the wise old man of the mountain who has influenced a whole generation of policy people.

Some may say that Bernie is too old. Well, he is now 77, but in extremely good health from all accounts. He would “only” be 83 at the end of his first term, and that is younger than it used to be. Or maybe that is just my perspective now being 65. LOL But as long as he is in good health, and as I said, there is no reason to suspect he is not, Bernie is able and willing to do the job.

I do think, however, that is imperative that he follow though on his promise and release his 10 years of tax returns. I would love to see that codified into a law, by the way, that anybody trying to throw their hate in the ring for president has, at minimum to share 5–10 years of tax returns before being considered. That would help prevent any future attempts of a perhaps crooked person snowing the American public.

I would further request, that if Bernie becomes the nominee for the Presidency, that he give a serious look at his present competition when choosing a Vice President. Every one of those persons has put in the time and effort and have valuable input. For example, Yang has a very specific understanding of exactly what is happening with technology and its replacement of human labor.

I am part of the Vote Blue, no Matter Who movement, but think that Bernie has perhaps the best shot of achieving election. He, after all, got the most donations of anybody running.

Bernie is the man who had a vision for what America needs desperately first, after all. While youth must be looked to, there is still room for wise old persons in our great country.


User Comments

The wise old man...someone deserving all the consideration we can render

I voted for him in the primary last time. Didn't really want Hillary, but things happen no matter what. trump probably would have won any way. I'll vote blue too.

yeah it is even more important that we stick together this time....after seeing what trump is like.

I dont care who wins the nomination as long as they are capable of booting the orange squatter out of the White House.  My fear is, and I am starting to see a lot of it on facebook unfortunately...the supporters are throwing smear bombs on the other candidates. I've seen many Bernie supporter posts and comments demonizing Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, even Mayor Pete.  The want to try to make Bernie the only viable candidate and this is not going to work out if Bernie doesnt win the nomination. Are those people going to stay home and not vote? This happened to HRC and that's why trump got in the White House.  Dems HAVE to stop sabotaging the campaigns and focus on the one goal...get that orange bag of turd out of the White House!!!

I agree wholeheartedly and have seen attacks like that from both sides....there are those still attacking Bernie for the 2016 thing.  i personally think Bernie's supporters were the cause of that more so than Bernie.

i do agree with what you say, which is why I sy "Vote Blue, NO Matter Who".  The imperative right now is to get this wannatobe dictator out of the White House before he does too much more damage..

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