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trump's house of financial cards as fake as his qualifications to be where he is right now,

Added: Monday, September 28th 2020 at 9:17am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, corruption, politics, lies

Well, we know that trump is a huge bag of hot air. But, it turns out that his financial empire is just that too…another bunch of hot air. That really shouldn’t surprise us because we know just about everything he says is based on some sort of falsehood or attempt to mislead. Why would his “great financial success be the same?”

After all, we already knew that he had gone bankrupt 5 or 6 times, and at least one of those was in a Casino. As a dear friend of mine says “how could you lose money in a Casino? The entire business is slanted in your favor”. Well, we know the answer to that. He invested in too many casinos in the same town, and ended up competing against himself and then, on top of that, mismanaged it till he went bankrupt. Even his father sinking millions into the business by buying chips he never intended to us didn’t bail the business out.

Then, of course, we had the flim-flam about his taxes being audited, and that preventing him from sharing his tax returns as has every other candidate for the job of President in recent years. Followed by his absolute refusal, even to point of threatening a lawsuit to prevent Congress, who has over-sight powers, from getting the results.

Well, now we know why. The State of New York subpoenaed the records and got them. And here is how it lays out. In 2016 and 2017, trump paid a grand total of 750.00 each year. Now for a billionaire to only pay that much, he would have to either have a lot of expenses or be very dishonest…in other words, cheating on his taxes. Not only that but in the 10 years prior to those two years, records show he paid zero taxes.

In order to justify that, he maintains every year, that while he makes hundreds of millions of dollars every single year, he racks up tremendous debt every year as well. That doesn’t make him a “good businessman” regardless of how many people have been snowballed by this con-man.

He is barely paying his daily expenses apparently, which would indicate that he is such a poor financial person that it literally takes hundreds of millions of dollars to live after maintaining the businesses. Or, there is another possible explanation that I tend to lean toward because although I have no respect for his supposed “financial skill”, something doesn’t ring right to me on that. The option is that he doesn’t make hundreds of millions of dollars a year and that his whole “financial empire” is a house of cards and a con-game from start to finish.

That would be in agreement with the lies and chicanery that everything else he does and says are full of. So, if nothing else, the man is a con through and though. At least he is “consistent”. And some STILL think this lunatic shell game player is qualified to be in the highest office in the land, even though he showed zero capacity in almost four years.

Really, how brain dead ARE his worshipers?


User Comments

The state of New York isn't dumb, they know who they are dealing with, which is why he got few votes in that state.


Just been over to Fox on Youtube and his supporters are still supporting him, of course. They all pay more tax than he does, the muppets! Hhahahaha! 

He wasn't popular with this lady when he went to Scotland

Donald Trump, Welcome to Scotland | My Little Underground

Why. Why Paoksee. Why can't I get away with bearing an exact replica of that placard in my America. Why.

The woman is two things both of which are eminently admirable: competent and courageous. Somebody please give her a ring!

Yeah, I have heard for some time that the Scots are not fond of trump because of his overbearing ways as regards his "resort" that he inflected upon their country.

She is a sweetie.

They should ban him from the Highlands. If he wants to play golf he should go and play it with his Kremlin mates in Russia.

Somebody makes some money off his arrangement, but it wasn't the people in the neighborhood from all that I have seen. I know I would not want to have to deal with him as a "neighbor."

Needs a kiss. The chaste kind. Lest she become pugnacious.

"...Really, how brain dead ARE his worshipers?..."

Forecast: he's gonna pull off somehow getting four more years.

Perhaps, although I will certainly do everything I can to prevent it

I'm more positive. I think Biden will win by a decent margin. 

After going though the hell we have gone though for last 4 years, it's hard for me to be comfident.  Sadly, I have seen the stupidity of some of my fellow Americans too clearly to not be a bit worried.

I still believe he got in with lots and lots of help from his foreign backers, Putin and other Russians that he has been in bed with for years.  Actually, I would have to say that our best hope is that Putin has realized by now that the clown is not  isn't even of benefit to him.

But he bides his time being bidden. How would his ascendency be an improvement.

You already have, a zillion times over. whenwewerentlooking evidently does likewise on Wordpress.

What will happen when the debt is due, and all he's got to trade is classified info?

Scary situation when the potus couldn't get security clearance due to unknown massive debt.Heading down rocky road, and not the ice cream kind.

Hopefully, he will be out of the White House before all that happens,  Having said that, on the situation of the money, and the loans, it is going to be "very interesting" (in the curse kind of way) for all of us at some point.

What is going to also be interesting is what the State of New York will likely when it all comes crashing down.  Whoever takes his place, can not pardon him for a state crime, which I suspect is outside out there.  And I don't think thie state of New York is likely to pardon him.

They had enough of his chicanery starting in the 1980's and are tired of  it from all appearances.

Prediction: at this very moment, pokeybanana is praying to black candles and an inflamed pentagon for trumpian armageddon.

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