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trump wants more of our young uneducated and poor while destroying the environment

Added: Wednesday, February 12th 2020 at 9:01pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, politics, finance, corruption

This picture doesn’t really represent the text of the article, however, I didn’t want to put another mug of the crook in the White House on my page. Myself, and those who read my articles, are sick and tried of seeing his smug mug gloating because he has managed to screw another group over. So, I went with a generic picture to represent education.

We know already, that trump and many of the republicans don’t care about the poor. If those who donor and in essence pay for their votes on issues (thanks Citizen’s United), especially corporations, are happy, they are happy. The so called “tax reform” of 2017 gave the richest of the rich ways to hang on to their overly large portion of the pie while leaving the poor and middle class in as bad if not worse conditions. In my own case, the 2018 tax’s were higher than the 2017 ones. The 2019 is going to go down. Now according to what trump promised, it should have saved me up to 1000 dollar the first year (2018) and some less in 2019 when the percentage went up….or maybe it wasn’t due to go up till 2020. I believe the “roll out” of the tax reform was every bit as big a mess as anything anybody experienced with the ACA and it was more damaging. I just know that per the “tax reform” individual tax percentages were planned to go up every year or two until 2025 whenthey would reach their highest level and stay there. Meanwhile, the rich corporations would continue not to pay as much.

trump has unrolled a 2021 budget and it is interesting what he is approving and what he is not. For example, nothing for climate change, even though that is likely the biggest problem we have right now. That is especially evident because of what we can, tornados and floods etc, in seasons where it is usually fairly calm. But again, NOTHING but total dismissal of the scientific evidence from the trump administration.

He does apparently realize that there is something that needs to be done about AI s and automation, but as usual, he can be relied on to do the opposite of what needs to be done. Now, I am not saying devoting money to AI and automation is not a good thing. I am, however, saying that in order to prepare people to work in those fields, we need to provide monies for education so that more college aged youth can afford to go to college to learn the technology. In addition, there needs to be money set aside for helping those left behind.

Remember, it is not just future jobs that are going to be eliminated, many of the current jobs will be. Jobs like truck riving and working in the service industry are likely to be endangered as machines are put in place to do those jobs. They are already building trucks that can self-drive so the time is coming when that industry is endangered.

So. how has trump decided he wants to react to other situations. Well, he is wanting to cut types of relief, cutting some avenues off totally, for people to get relief on college tuition. At the same time, he wants to invest in AI s and more automation. In other words, make it harder for those without financial resources to get educated and/or get a job as some jobs are done away with, and education for those jobs is harder to get.

In other areas, of course, trump is still determined to finance that heinous unnecessary border wall (you remember, part of which feel down when hit by a wind falling into Mexico), for which he has literally stolen a huge amount from other designated functions to pay on. I call it stealing because congress is the body responsible for the countries pocket book and they told him NO and he disregarded it. That makes it stealing from my view.

He is also threatening to “renegotiate” things like medicare, medicaid and Social Security. And those of us that depend on those two or three resources are not likely to benefit from what he does, or wants to do.

Like Pelosi, I have trump in my prayers. My prayers are that he be defended in November of 2020, or if not, that the democrats take over the Senate as well as keep the House, and they are able to stop his madness. Even better, with honest people in congress, rather than republicans who are complicit with the evil of this administration, we might just get the crook impeached.

But then, the silver lining is that even with a majority republicans in congress, he has had trouble getting his anti-poor (not anti-poverty, but actually a war against the poor people themselves) financial policies passed.




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Sad when our only hope is that even with mostly republicans, trump has had trouble getting budget bills passed.

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