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trump has a mini-me...hopefully he will get defeated!!!! But hopefully so will trump

Added: Sunday, August 4th 2019 at 11:51pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: education, politics, trump

In an attempt to prove that trump is not the only nasty speaking piece of ego in political circles, Matt Bevin of Kentucky is conducting himself like his hero.  He says the kinds of things that trumps, and for the same reasons.  He isn't popular, at least not as much as he was when he got into the governors mansion for his first term.

Why is that, you may ask.  Well, there was a teacher strike, and he claimed that children were being make sex slaves at home because they couldn't be in school.  What???  Really?? He thought the best way to reprimand the teachers was to malign the parents as well?  Wow, and he thinks he is going to get re-elected, I suppose.

Oh and the next thing is that a sick-out in protest of the lack of support by the state government, just like with the strike mentioned above, was the reason that a 7 year old was accidentally killed at gun point.  Really, it wasn't because guns are too easily available??!!!!

Hopefully the state of Kentucky will have learned their lesson and will elect somebody who actually puts the children of Kentucky and their education above grandstanding and showing how much he can slash the budget.

Of course, I also hope that trump is defeated in 2020 and we can get a DECENT and less violate and nasty person in the White House and by extention, a more average citizen focused administration.  I say average citizen in lieu of things like tax cuts (like the one in 2017) that only put more money into the hands of the super-rich.  Kansas saw the error of their ways and got rid of Brownback, so there is room for hope.


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trump unfortuantely has fellow travelers who also use lies and misdirection to cover for the damage they do when they "cut corners" in financing education and decent envirnment going into the future.

Kentucky will not change until this governor and the worst traitor Moscow Mitch is buried!!!

Sad to think about.  Blevens is not apparentlly very popular however...so he might not win re-election.

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