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trump and his followers owe Hillary an apology...or at least a change of rhetoric

Added: Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 11:43pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, lies, bullying, politics

During the campaign in 2016, but even after, trump has been screaming about Hillary being corrupt. James Comey said that mistakes had been made but that he found no reason for any criminal charges. Everybody on the right screamed for her head on a platter.

Well, trump, true to form, had Sessions do another investigation on Hillary. They investigated the same old things that had already been investigation and which Comey had already said were not criminal. Meanwhile, an investigation showed that trump had gotten help from Russian nationals and after Mueller came out with his report, saying that the report did NOT exonerate trump and that if he weren’t in the presidents seat, he would be charged with criminal activities.

Well, of course trump tried to flip that and say that he was exonerated, even though the report listed at least 10 things that he had done or allowed to be done for him. In addition to that, Michael Cohen was proved to be his “bag man” for paying off the prostitutes that trump had some sort of relationship with. Remember, he DID pay off Stormy Daniels and at least one other person to keep their mouth shut.

trump, however, continues even as of a week or so again to maintain that Hillary is crooked and needs to be locked up. The new report, the one he had Sessions start in 2017, has come back saying that she has done NOTHING criminal. That includes the Uranian 1 deal.

trump definitely owes Hillary an apology but we know he is incapable of admitting an error. His ego won’t allow it. However, the least, and I mean the very least, thing he could do is stop the hateful rhetoric of calling Hillary out for crimes that have been proven to not exist even by his own attack dogs. Before, the excuse for Hillary not being in jail was always “Well, the Obama administration is covering for her”. Well, that isn’t possible any more because we are now under the trump regime.

But then, he only says those things to stir up hateful against someone that he sees as a political enemy, just like he blackmailed the Ukraine to investigate Biden.

So, we won’t get an apology, nor will he change his rhetoric, but then we knew he was a demagogue when he came down that escalator and immediately started scapegoating Hispanics and Muslims for all our nations problems right off the bat. Hmm, when did another leader in another country do that same thing? Oh yeah, Hitler in Germany in the late 1930’s and early 1940's.

I knew that was familiar from somewhere.



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trump and all his followers could at least cut it out with the abuse of a woman who is out of the political spotlight and likely never going to run for any nationwide office again.  But then I suspect they are all too brainwashed, and downright hate filled to do so.

hell will freeze over twice before that ever happens!!

Yep, you are sadly probably right.

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