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True Religious Freedom has to include the right for women's choice

Added: Friday, May 6th 2022 at 3:13am by scenefromtheleft

Very frequently, you will see the so-called “Pro-Lifers” claim that somehow a religious perspective mandates an end to a woman’s right of choice when pregnancy is involved. They like to argue that the Bible is against abortion (a statement that is questionable, to say the least) and that all Christians should be against abortion. In addition, they seem to also think that since to their minds all Christianity is opposed, then the government should be too. That flies in the face of the whole concept of religious freedom, tying us to one version of what is called Christianity.

That position falls flat on its face when actual churches are looked at. The Presbyterian Church USA, for example, repudiates the removal of freedom from women.


Above is part of a statement put out by the Presbyterian Church USA, a mainstream church that includes LGBTQ persons as full members of the church, including in leadership on their facebook page.  Following you will find others.

We all know that rich women who determine that pregnancy and baby are not something they currently want in their lives will get them, no matter what the law says. It is only the poor women who can’t afford to travel to other places or get doctors to lie or obscure facts that will be prevented from getting abortions.

That means that those most unable to afford or give the emotional support necessary for raising a child will be the ones forced to do so.

The research reviews, in addition, that the majority, something like 68 percent of the population, wants Roe V Wade left intact. So actions against that decision run contrary to the idea of rule by the majority.

So, we see destroying Roe vs Wade is both a form of economic inequality but also a violation of the very concept of our democratic republic where the majority rules.

Presbyterians are known for taking action, and here they are encouraging donations to local health agencies which will attempt to ensure that women are able to make the choice that is right for them and put it into operation with kind loving medical professionals giving them the aid they need.

Support for their emotional needs as well as their medical needs.  We  are being encouraged to speak out for those who are fighting this horrible denial of freedom.

Pastors are being encouraged to speak up for the safety of women faced with unwanted, unaffordable pregnancies, or especially pregnancies where the life of  the mother is in horrible danger.  Many times, women have to get what is called an abortion because the fetus and dead, and apparently under this refusal of equal rights for all, even that would be considered an abortion and illegal.

We as individuals, are being encouraged to work with women in especially bad areas for their being able to exercise their rigthts do so...by putting justice into action on an individual personal level.  This is consistent with the Presbyterian belief in justice and it being extended to all, not just those with financial power to grab it.

In addition, the Presbyterian Church is encouraging activisim on the part of their membership to fight this attempt to deny women's freedom of choice about what is done with their own bodies.

Bottom line, the Presbyterian believes in Justice.  The entire religious format is around the idea that Jesus and God loves everybody, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.  What the right wing is trying to do, is deny equality and justice to women who are strongly of the opinion that having a baby is not in their best interest at the particular time.

This decision might be because the woman was raped by a stranger or by an abusive partner.  Either case would work against the woman being emotionally able to raise the infant in a loving way. Just think, how willing would you expect your 13 year old daughter to be if she was raped and came up pregnant.  To the right wingers who want to do away with this right, I ask you, how many of us would want your 13 year old daughter or granddaughter carrying the offspring of a rapist??

Finances also come into it.

But the biggest issue about the whole argurment is that "religious freedom" is actually being violated by this attempt to deny women freedom.  The Presbyterian Church is a Christian Church and has the opposite opinion to that of many of the more conservative denominations.  So their getting their way is a violation of the Presbyterian freedom of religion.

And the telling sign is that nowhere are there churches or groups indicating that everybody should get an abortion.  Nobody is interfering in a pro-life person's decision making and telling them they HAVE to get an abortion, so why should they be able to tell the woman who wants she CAN'T have one.

There is something called freedom of belief and freedom to live one's life the way that works for them that is guaranteed by the Constitution.  So why is the right trying, and thinks they are right to do so, to intrude in the lifes of other people going about their lifes living by their beliefs.




User Comments

Denial of women's right to choose is a denial of religious freedom along with discrimination and injustice.

Can I get an amen?

Yes, indeed.....and from everybody who believes in true freedom whether of religion or anythng else, should join us.

To me a man has no right to tell a woman what to do with or to her body! And the reverse is also true!

I agree which makes the most recent threat by the SC so outrageous...and it is totally political, there is no legal reason for them to do something like this.

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