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The so called "freedom caucus" trying to screw the nation again?

Added: Thursday, January 26th 2023 at 7:23pm by scenefromtheleft

Note: in a desire not to mention trump anymore than necessary, from hence for, he is referred to as TFG (the former guy)

The income tax does a good job. The only problem now seems to be the republicans and their urgent desire to save taxes for the super-rich who have huge numbers of loopholes, plus as recently determined the inability to audit all the probable tax cheats like TFG. That this man was not audited was a huge miscarriage of Justice as he continued in his lies about his adherence to “good business man” ethics.

The new bill authorizing hiring more people would end that colossal inability to properly audit the billionaires and multi-millionaires who habitually use lawyers and questionable “deductions” to get out of paying the taxes that they owe. The tax system that now allows different amounts for people in different pay grades is the only way to make those who have a lot pay their fair share. Even so, the Government, especially under republican leadership, has given those very people huge discounts. That was really what happened in 2017 with the so-called tax reform that caused the increase in the deficit, while giving the middle class a reasonable discount, but the rich a HUGE unneeded discounts.

All this was built on the idea that the rich would, out of the generousity of their hearts, treat their employees a bit better and give them a raise or add more employees. Only, as usually happens, when the rich get their own, they used that money to buy back stock and keep the money within their group and “trickle down” lie was revealed again. 

Now, the anti-average citizens in the MAGA cult in the Republican party have come up with a new way to show their lack of concern for ordinary Americans while pretending they are doing us a favor. First they moved to rescind the additional money to allow the IRS to do its job which includes customer service and auditing those that it has reason to suspect might be cheating on their returns like the aforementioned TFG.

The good news is that crazy attempt to saddle the power of the IRS to do its job is not likely to pass the Senate and on the off-chance that it does (not likely since 51 of the Senators are Democrats-thank goodness), and even if it does, Biden has already assured us he will veto it. Even the House under the dictates of the misnamed “freedom caucus” are not going to get the two thirds or whatever is required to overturn a veto, and the Senate is even less likely to vote to overturn the veto. So, it appears clear to me that that money is going to go to the IRS so they can do their job and do it correctly..in my case that means I might not have to wait for 4–5 months for my refund check.

Then there is the Fair Tax Act, which is pretty clearly going to again end up hurting the poor and middle class more than the rich…many of whom will manage to find ways of bypassing this tax just like they do the income tax. I can see it now, people like TFG doing all his purchases in other countries and then sneaking them to the United States with some sleazy justification or other. Beside which, the constitution, with the 16th Amendment spells out that an income tax WILL be administered by the Federal government. While there is an item in the Fair Tax Bill that seems to indicate that the Fair Tax policy will be invalid if the 16th Amendment is not repealed within five years, I still think this is a horrible idea.

How ever they try to explain it, as for example the guy that proposed it did,  they say that the charge will only be 23 percent, they are trying to mislead us. The statement on HIS webpage in defense of this thing says “if an item is 77.00 and you have to pay 100.00 for that item, that is 23 percent”. NO, it is not. Twenty Three percent would be if the item was 100 dollars and you had to pay 123.00. Obviously, it is going add more to 100 dollars if it is adding 23.00 to a 77.00 cost item.

The Republicans claim they care about everyday Americans. Yet, history shows that they don’t. In addition, in states where there is already a 10–11 percent sales taxes, will we be paying Federal sales tax on top of the tax states or will it replace that?? If it replaces the state sales tax, how will the state get their money to fund itself? I am not sure they have spelled that out, but it is a question that needs answering before the piece of legislation is passed, not after. Talk about inflation, I am strongly of the opinion that this piece of what I am tempted to call an attempt to destroy the entire society that we have lived by for many many year will add to inflation and hurt those that need help instead of evening out the pain.

Oh, and a point of interest is that the first people advance this type taxation was a religious cult that, at the time, was not recognized as a religion. They were required, until 1993, to pay income tax. That group was the Church of Scientology. We all have a pretty good idea that they have raked in the money, so had reason to not want to have to pay income tax. Incediently I do agree that as wild as I might consider them, I think they should get the tax examption as long as all other religious organizations are.

Finally, this is also likely just an attempt by the MAGA cult to try and convince ordinary citizens that they somehow have our back. This plan is ALSO not widely approved. Certainly it won’t get through the Senate or be signed off on by President Biden who is concerned about making the inform tax fairer rather than upturning the entire society and the structure that has enabled us to exist for oh these many years. But in addition, there is resistance on the Right to this piece of business, including from the Wall Street Journal and many other republicans.

Fortunately, I think this is just political theater and the “Freedom Caucus” will continue to try to destroy everything they can…and their attempts will be rejected by sane and logical people.

The origins of this convoluted so called reform of taxes that will let rich people and groups avoid paying their fail share of taxes came from the Scientologests:

Read here:


Yes, that is the same odd religious belief system that has managed to rake up so much money and for further information about what was in essense, a way to try to avoid paying any taxes which was proven as the intend since they dropped it the minute they got the classified as a religious entity, you might check this page for more information




http://buddycarter.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=10862  -- this is the guy that proposed this bill....note the very first thing on his list of justications and clarifies is way beyond "misleading" and possibly just simply a lie.  That plus the point that there is no agency to supervise the whole thing makes me very very concerned to say the least.  I see nothing but hurt for the average citizen and general stupidity in the whole, plus until the amendment is changed....this is an obviously "unconstitutional' act, and all this time we have been told that the GOP cares about that document.

User Comments

Yep, that certainly says it all....I don't even think the dimwits that are proposing this travesty of a "reform" know what they are doing.  Buddy Carson (not to be mistaten for another guy in New York with the same name) claims that 77 + 23 means only 23 percent tax....which is hooey.  If the item was 100 dollars, I bet it would be 30 dollars or more in sales tax.

Also confirms the origin of this disruptive bill.

I think no person nor organization should get tax exemptions. As I've said to you before, I endorse a flat tax of 8% [not 12%] for ALL income earners. No deductions, no exemptions. Actually, inasmuchas our military is vastly overbloated (including all those f_cking military bases in other countries...those of NATO countries excepted) and could do with some outright gutting, I fancy our Federal government could run well on a flat tax of merely 6%. 60 bucks for every thousand earned. 30 bucks for every 500. Even the so-called dirt poor could manage with that I think.

Er, maybe not the poorest of the dirt poor though...

I understand.  Your plan at least approaches something that would be closer to fair.  Your plan is better than what the people in the House are suggesting.  Although, you know me, I believe that those who have benefitted and gotten more should pay more...but a flat tax would approach that also.

Yes! 6% of $500,000,000 = $30,000,000(!) Think roads, public parks, public libraries, relief of our gaudy-awful national debt...

Yep, if we were able to get them to pay in, rather than hide it off shore or though some dodge or other,....several of the larger money makers would help a lot to fulfill our national needs.

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