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The liar-in-chief's word is not to be trusted in any area, much less condemning Biden

Added: Saturday, September 21st 2019 at 10:33am by scenefromtheleft

As usual, when caught using foreign persons to try to do his dirty work, trump plays a game of “what about them”. Now, after being caught trying to use leaders in the Ukraine to destroy Biden and get rid of one of his biggest competitors, he has switched the narrative to try and make Biden look bad.

Per trump the narrative is that during Obama’s term, Biden threatened the official in the Ukraine that was investigating his son’s company with withdrawal of monies. Political fact checking reveals that is half-true. However, the other part of the story is that official was very unpopular because of the way he functioned in his job anyway. In other words, there were reason why he was criticized and being opposed.

If Biden is guilty, then by all means, he needs to be investigated and the truth revealed. However trump is not a good witness to anything having to do with improper behavior. Let’s remember for a minute who trump is!!!

trump was the imbecile that promoted the “birther” conspiracy theory. Whoever brought it up in the first place, he was the one that rode that wagon to the bitter end. After everybody else had more or less dropped it, he was touting that tired old line. In fact, even after the birth certificate showing Obama being born in Hawaii was released, he still tried to continue to bang that drum.

He also claimed that Obama was doing too much golfing and that, if elected, he would be too busy “serving the country” to golf. Yet, the minute he got into the White House, he proceeded to spend more time on the golf course than Obama ever did. What is even worse, he used golf courses that his business enterprise had investment in, therefor diverting taxpayer money to his own coffers.

Then, there is how he got into office in the first place. We can never forget the hatred and anger he fed on to get the naive and the bigots to vote for him, but in addition, he had assistance from Putin and Russian operatives. Remember, even if he was deemed innocent of conspiracy to collude, that does not mean that Russian agents were not involved in influencing the election and that trump didn’t know about it.

If “conspiracy to collude” is defined as being an organized interaction to influence the election, innocences does not prove that foreign agents aren’t working for one’s election or that the receiver of the assistance doesn’t know it. Such a decision just might mean that the trump’s entry period and early administration was too disorganized to actually come up with a coherent course of collusion. Certainly, Don Jr showed himself willing to collude on his father’s behalf if given opportunity.

I believe that Biden should be judged on his own merits. However, trump is not a reliable witness. In fact, personally, trumps “testimony” about Biden is more likely to make me believe Biden innocent of any wrong doing than the opposite. Now trump is meddling with the foreign agents to “go after” Biden tells me one thing, and one thing only. trump continues to put whatever he thinks is to his personal benefit before the nation’s interests.

Believe what you feel right about Biden, but don’t let the finger-pointer-in-chief and his lies snd attempts at diversion influence you against Biden, or anybody else for that matter. Once again, remembering trumps antics, I am more likely to believe the opposite of whatever he says about somebody else.



User Comments

The liar in chief wants us to believe his story, read that as attempt to distract, about Biden with his sorted downright evil career??

There is a well documented interview in 2018 where Biden explains exactly what he did in the Unkraine case and for whom!

There a few important things to remember....the Prosecutor that Biden was talking about was under scrutiny for "NOT" pursuing Corruption.  I repeat they wanted him to get rid of a guy who was not pursuing Corruption!!!!

There is no logic in the claim that Biden was helping his son.....if there was corruption then Biden and the others would want it prosecuted!

See my point?

I see your point, which makes my point even more "on point"...LOL

the audacity of that orange maggot is stupefying!!!  He has committed more crimes while in the oval office than all the other presidents put together and he has the temerity to point to someone else's alledged impropriety?  Give me a break!!!! 

He is awful, indeed, and part of that fact is that he can and will accuse others of being at fault.  It's called distrction.

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