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aKunaKumara MisterCox

The enemy inside...a heinous conspiracy to destroy the nation from within

Added: Wednesday, October 14th 2020 at 3:42pm by scenefromtheleft

Unless we are talking about the blind folks who believe in trump, despite all the criminal and semi-criminal things he has been associated with, most of us know that the Mueller Report did NOT in fact, exonerate trump. As Mueller himself admitted during testimony, he found not enough evidence to charge trump because after all, the DOJ has a rule that a sitting person in the White House can’t be charged while in office. That is another kettle of fish and should be considered illegal in and of itself. Anybody that takes the help of a foreign agent, especially an Oligarchy (or maybe we should call Russia under Putin a kleptocracy) should be accountable. So I still feel that trump got help from Putin and other Russian buddies in order to steal the election through misinformation.

However, after reading Democracy in Chains, it appears to me that there is another group just as guilty as Putin. That group is Charles Koch and his “Heritage Foundation” and “Cato Foundation” etc. All of the groups created to destroy our democratic republic and all the strides we have made for equality and fair free treatment of all citizens.

You see that group wants to destroy every form of freedom except for what they call, with a straight face, “economic freedom”. What that translates to is that the rich will be free to hang on to any money they are able to get their hands on, while using the nation’s infrastructure to distribute their goods and services, without having to pay a decent amount of taxes to pay for those services that they take extra helpings of the advantage of.

The Koch owned foundations and businesses even extend to schools of economics tailored to the “Libertarian mindset”. The early founders of this school of economics came up with the principles that they teach to prevent “the horror” of integration in Virginia. Their racist hatred was so great that they were willing to deny any schooling at all for our Black and poor White population so that the two ethnicities didn’t have to mix. That is what the whole thing about “vouchers” is all about which is why I would NEVER vote for a voucher program for education.

The theory is that nobody should ask for help from the government. For some reason that doesn’t ever seem to apply to people like Charles Koch, who uses the infrastructure, most of which is created by the Federal government in order to do business.

However, more recently, as the book details, Koch and his fellow travelers have decided that secrecy works better. So now, they are behind the “let’s change the Social Security payments levels to save the program”. Others may use that same phrase, but when they use it, it actually is a way of making people mistrustful so that fewer people will willingly pay into the program in hopes of killing it altogether.

The one nation that actually fell for this malarky found very quickly that it ended up broke, with lots of corruption and the “private savings” got swallowed up by misuse on a grand scale. Meanwhile, the leader of that nation, Chili, squirreled massive amounts of money in the United States.

Now, the libertarians led by Koch will tell you that a nation functions best when the only thing the government handles is the military and the police. That is bull because without regulations, people like Koch will force most of us into soup lines and add further to the homeless statistics as the philosophy gives what they call “producers” which by the way only means the owners, not the workers, free reign on price, cost and so forth.

Minorities and the poor white population would have no resources to fight against the abuse that would come. Now if, like myself, you find yourself called a “statist” by one of these cold-hearted crackpots, know that that is actually a compliment because it is saying that you believe that regulation of business ethics is one of the main functions of government.

So, I will wave my “statist” flag high and proudly and hope many more do and remember that when it comes time to vote on what our future will be like.

User Comments

We have a group within this country trying to destoy every achievement we have made over the last 100 years.

No one likes a Koch forced on them. I read that - was it Exxon? Maybe Shell started to divest in fossil fuels in the early 80's because they discovered using them was impacting the climate and they were worried about legal action. But then someone said - hey let's go the tobacco company route -it's cheaper! And climate denial was born. 

I don't know which company it was but that doesn't surprise me.  The Koch's own Exxon and Conono and I think one other.  But then if one wanted to refrain from giving them any business, they are also in the business of things like Dixie cups, a fameous plastic cup company, and even Boundy paper towells.

In other words, paper (which comes from wood) and anything related to oil and they have their fingers in it.

Pitty 'Rona isn't attracted to arseholes. 


pity no more, Rona got to the biggest arsehole of them all...lol.

I'm pretty sure that's a fake, too convenient and he got off too lightly for an obese old guy with a MacDonald's diet. 

Still there's hope. 


I was very skeptical too.

Yep, a lot of people seem to be.  And I myself somehow know that he would use it to tell others there was "nothing to worry about" whether it was a scam and he never actually had it, or actually did.

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