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Thanks, Herr Dumpf, your "business expertise" did a number on my retirement plan

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 9:09pm by scenefromtheleft

(Elizabeth Warren, part of the group fighting trumps dictatrial tendencies…much rather have her as the image of my blog that the monster-in-chief)

trump likes to talk about himself as a “good business man” and really tries hard to project the image of a man who knows how to negotiate. However, looking at the reality, it is very hard to believe he knows what he is talking about. In fact, my conclusion is that he is, in fact, a spoiled rich kid who has no business acumen when it comes to the real world, and no real desire to do anything but brag and try to make himself look good.

Lets look at the evidence. First of all, the so called “tax reform” was supposed to put literally hundreds of dollars a year into the middle class’s pockets. Of course, everybody knew the billionnaires and corporations would going to make out like bandits. That was a foregone conclusion from the offset. However, to garner support from the naive, they sold us a bill of goods about lower taxes for the middle class.

Well, I reported a couple weeks ago that my taxes actually went up. I think maybe my a couple weeks ago, I reported that my taxes were going up. Why? Because apparently, less than 5,000 dollars in increased income, even with lowered percentage taxable, still yields at lest 200 dollars more in actual taxes. That’s not too terribly bad, but it hardly qualifies as a “big tax break”.

But now, in addition, my retirement plan has been hit badly. My account lost something like 5–6 percent in one month..December (yes, the total worth of my investments went down 25,000 dollars in one month). All because the man in the white house is a child and can’t stop threatening tariff hikes, which obviously are going to be retaliated to with similar tariffs being imposed on our imports to their countries.

I see very little good coming in January as well, since herr drumpf has managed to close down the government. In one article, he says the congress should “do its job”. Well, the House has done its job. The House’s job is hold the purse strings. Their answered too your childish demand for a unneccessary, useless walk is NO. YOU are the one that is responsible for the government shut down, and I hope and pray that noe of your tricks are successful. We do not need the wall, more guards, yes, drones to monitor the area, Maybe but NO wall!!!

I predict that the economy is going to suffer more, which I am sorry about. However, I don’t want this country to turn into a dictatorship and that is precisely what you are trying to do, Herr drumpf. Throwing tantrums and shutting governments down are actions of an autocrat and that is precisely the attitude you are displaying.

If nothing else, maybe now, more people will realize that the con man in the white house is just that….a CON MAN. Sadly some poor misguided souls still seem to support this lunatic con-man….even after all that he has done to the country.

It has now come out, that he used his father’s holdings to convince Forbes that he was a great financial genus, and used that misunderstanding to elicit investors to get what landholdings he has or had, going in the first place. In other words, his own “empire” IS built on a scam and his horrible lack of negotiating skills are now reaping the whirlwind for the entire country.

User Comments

My money is less now than it was the entire 8 years of obama...for sure!!!!

I think I've seen a couple of Trumpsters here bragging about how well their 401k has done since Trump took office and I'm not buying one bit of it.  This place is mostly full of pretty poor, retired and disabled people, I think mostly pretty close to each other in income.  I'm not believing any of it.

Well, I don't know how they could be, mine is doing horribly right now....or was in December.

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