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So who exactly is it that is "trying to steal the election"...or is trump just ignorant

Added: Friday, July 31st 2020 at 9:37am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: politics, dumb, lies, trump, corruption

Just to start out, let me say that the whole premise of this blog is to ask WTH is going on in trump’s mind. There are two possibilities, I guess. One is that he is just ignorant of the parameters of the Constitution and the other is that he doesn’t care. He wants what he wants and doesn’t care what the restraints on him are. An example is when he makes the suggestion that he, in his office, could “do whatever he wanted” because the Constitution gave him that authority. In point of fact, it does not.

Now, admittedly, I tend to think that of those two above options, the “I don’t care and just want what I want” the answer is the correct. That is when I am being generous. A lot of the time, I just think he is a crook and is actually trying to steal power and become the first American dictator. If it was ignorance, he should have learned by now. Heaven knows he has been sued and/or called on his crap enough that he should have learned by now if he had even a second grader's mental ability.

But then, sadly, he does have lots of enablers, including William Barr, who when questioned about trump’s statement that we should postpone the election and being asked about that said “I don’t know, I haven’t even investigated that.” This is the man that is supposed to be the head of the Department of Justice. Shouldn’t he know what is in the Constitution and the laws that he is in charge of enforcing? That, obviously, is a rhetorical question. The answer is yes, of course, he should know. That is a basic legal issue.

But this is not the first time we have been at this rodeo. First, it was determined that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election. trump said that never happened and that he had no business in Russia. That was true as far as it went, but he WAS trying to get a business going in Russia, another old of his towers, and certainly had Russians as business partners in deals in this country. Even his son said a few years earlier than they got all the money they needed from Russia.

Despite all of trump’s statement to the contrary, the Mueller report did NOT find him innocent of getting help from Russian agents. it found him very probably guilty of conspiracy to interfere with the investigation in a number of ways, and as having a transition team too inept to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the “help” given by the Russians.

Then who can forget his single-handed blackmail of Ukraine and his statements that members of the transgendered community would no longer be accepted or allowed to continue in service in the military with a decision that nobody else seemed to know was coming until he tweeted it out. Now we are faced with his declaration of war-like action against citizens of our nation protesting against the brutal murder of Blacks by the police.

Without consultation with the cities or states, he has ordered ICE and Homeland Security personnel into cities across the country. When they arrive there, they end up starting violence against peaceful demonstrations or make any violence worse by tear gassing the original protestors, and wall of Moms, Dads, and retired veterans that have joined the original protestors because of the Federal agent's occupation of their cities. In other words, the protests have grown as a result.

Now, in addition to the Federal action, there is Covid-19 which is rampaging across the United States and currently taking about a thousand lives per day with anywhere from 50 to 80 thousand new infections each and every day. So, there is concern about huge crowds, and many people are clamoring for the right to mail in their vote. Now, this is something that trump already does, as does his current spokeswoman. In fact, he has used Mar-a-Lago as his residence in order to so which violates an agreement he signed off on. That resort is not supposed to be a residence but that didn’t keep him from using it as one for voting purposes. Yet, HE is concerned about voter fraud via mail-in ballots.

The problem with his concern is that many states have huge numbers of absentee voters, which is handled by mail. In addition, some states, and Louisiana is now one of them, allow anybody over the age of 65 to mail in their votes already. And as usual with his insane statements, there is no evidence to back up his claim. There never seems to be any real data to support his most outrageous statements, but facts never interfere with his ability to divide and demonize many citizenries across this great nation.

So his solution is to move the election. And when does he want to move it? Whenever it is safe for people to vote. And with predictions that the winter flu season might also see a resurgence of Covid-19, when might that be. It sounds like it could end up being a long time. But that isn’t even the worst part of it, although admittedly having an unchecked trump in the White House indefinitely is about a scary as anything I can think of.

The issue it, he can not just change the date of anything. The times of the election and changing of the guard are in the hands of congress. In addition, the 20th Amendment makes it clear that the president leaves office at noon on Jan 20, 2021. Since if the election hasn’t taken place, there will be no new president, and no establishment that the old one has won four more years, the office would be vacant at that point. The Vice President couldn’t take the office because that office hadn’t been voted on either, so that would leave, in this case, Nancy Pelosi to be the acting President. I would prefer her to trump, but still, not the normal or proper way of doing things Constitutionally.

trump and his allies are trying to claim that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. Who actually is? trump and the Republicans? To sum things up, I am going to let you listen to Seth Meyers, who can add some humor to an otherwise dry blog.

Oh, and when you go to the Constitution, check Amendment 20.



User Comments

Really, there are two options.  He is ignorant about the paraments of the Constitution or he is trying to rig the election (again?) in his favor.....or maybe just try and grab some extra time and power.

SFLT stop buying into this nonsense!!  This is just another distraction!  The Wall Street Journal apparently has an intersting Editorial out this morning....I will share the link if I can find it.

Trump is just looking to pre-blame someone in case he looses!{#a-little-birdy.gif}

Well, maybe you are right on this one, time will tell. However I wouldn't put it past him to try anything in his desire to hang on to power and he seems to have the republicans all brainwashed, for the most part, and people like Barr who should know better to be in the job he is in, giving it credence and saying he has to check because he doesn't know, had never been asked that question before.

I think you sometimes unestimate the evil that trump is an agent for.  I have always saw him as being the American version of Hitler, scapegoating minorities in order to build up the hatred that allows him to get and keep power.  At some point, some of those fooled by him may find themselves in big trouble too, and I am afriad I won't have much sympathy when that happens.

Trump is just looking to pre-blame someone in case he looses!

I think so too.

in his desire to hang on to power and he seems to have the republicans all brainwashed

No, he doesn't have Republicans brainwashed. They are willing sycophants looking out for their own interests far above and beyond the interests of those they were elected to represent.

good point.

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