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Part of the Heartland is for Freedom of choice

Added: Wednesday, August 3rd 2022 at 3:58am by scenefromtheleft

Great news came out yesterday. None other than the State of Kansas stood proud and decided by something like 524,000 to 374,000 to stand with women having the right to decide for themselves their own health care. Now, I am delighted but admit to being pleasantly surprised. I knew that there would be states that would stand up for this principle but assumed the first out of the gate would likely be more liberal states like New York and California.

Remember this was the same state that elected Brownback as governor. You all will remember him as the governor that was so busy giving breaks to big corporations that he almost bankrupted the entire state sending the poor into even greater poverty. Personally, I wonder if perhaps, that taught the people of Kansas that the Republicans of today care nothing about the people and do NOT have our interests in mind when they made their decisions about policy.

The leader of this drive to keep abortion legal and therefore safe was a group called Kansas for Constitutional Freedom. I applaud their efforts to keep the republicans, including the conservative Supreme Court from taking away a woman’s right to decide her own health issues. That Kansas is the first to do that should give us all hope that many more states will see that telling over 50 percent of the population what they can do with their own bodies is a policy that we Americans will not allow.

The bottom line is that while the so-called Pro-lifers of the Right Wing talk about wanting freedom, they don’t mean for you and me, the average citizen unless we buy into their particular ideology. We have heard some of these yahoos screaming about wanting their freedom (or as I perfer free dumb) for the last three years as they tried to downplay Covid (never mind how many deaths they might have caused by spreading it) but then want to violate the right of a woman to have an abortion when she finds her health or financial well-being threatened by an unwanted pregnancy.

Thanks, Kansas. What does represents to me is “if it can happen in Kansas, it can happen anyway”. So this is our first sign of hope. Let’s all vote blue in 2022 and 2024 and keep the authoritarians in the former Republican Party (now the Trumpian captivated party) at bay.

The freedom we may lose is our own. After all, the choice to abort is not the only right we are being threatened with the loss of by the anti-freedom right-wing Supreme Court.


User Comments

The fight for Freedom of Choice starts out with a victory from a surprising direction.

Not to be negative but at the same time DeSantis came out with a very codenmention of doctors helping trans and Trump's choices in Arizona won!!

Your governor is always coming out with crazy things...almost if not as bad as trump is and was.  I am hoping that Florida voters will realize that he is NOT good for the people of the state and will vote accordingly next time he tries to turn for Governor and in the meanwhile votes Blue for other offices within the state to balance him for the rest of his term.

In Arizona, I hadn't heard that news either, but is it the primary that trump's choice won or the general...don't worry I will look it up...but that makes a difference.  Once again, wonder when the people of Arizona will learn what is best...rather than the trumpian madness.

Ok, I looked it up...on Arizona, it looks like it was the primary that has been settled...correct if I am wrong on that.

if that is the case, we can still hope that the Democrats get out the vote and prevent the disaster than another state run by a trumpian would be. Since the trump based candidate is the worst of the possible Republican candidates, that might just give the Democrats enough incentive to fight and get out the vote.  I am certainlly going to hope so.


The major problem with DeSantis is that he is smarter than Trump!

But also as nasty...both combination, but hopefully still obvious to more and more.

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