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No, trump, I certainly DON'T have to vote for you...and I won't

Added: Thursday, August 15th 2019 at 11:09pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: bullying, politics, trump

With his usual arrogance, trump informed those attending his rally in New Hampshire that they had no choice but to vote for him. According to him, the economy would have crashed in 2017 if he had not won, and will proceed to do just that if he doesn’t win in 2020. That claim comes despite all the evidence to the contrary.

The economy didn’t crash in 2017, because trump hadn’t done anything yet. He hadn’t started the system of tariff wars yet. Since then, he has started one with Mexico and Canada. Then it was the EU, and finally China. Mexico and Canada seem to have worked though it with him, although I am still not sure the new trade agreement has been approved by any of the third countries yet. The EU and the United States under trump are still sparing. And the threat is still very real of a trade war continuing with China.

Certainly if I were China I would not bear down to the bully living at 1600 Pennsylvania Av, and would dish out tariffs on American products in retaliation to every tariff trump tries to impose. That is on top of the fact that tariffs do not cost the country trying to import goods to our country, but those that consume those goods. Yes, we the consumer will carry the weight of those cost increases that trump wants to impose.

In addition, he has given massive tax breaks to those that need it less, meaning that the middle class and working class are worse off because the shortfall in revenue is being used to undermine the infrastructure of the country.

And using one example, look at the death of Epstein. Whatever happened, probably a suicide as reported, the budget cuts trump forced are the underlying cause of the lack of proper security. They were using and abusing employees, and it is suspected that at least one of the two available to check on him had gone to sleep. That is what happens when people are forced to work huge amounts of overtime and are worn out.

Now, finally, due the tariffs and the threats of trade wars, the stock market is turning d downward. That sounds to me like trumps incompetence, and real inability to understand economics and the realities of how it really works. He claims to be a great businessman and some folks believe him. I do not!!! The reason I don’t is this is the same person who managed to bankrupt businesses either five or six times, and one of those times was a casino. A casino is set up to make a profit to start with.

It takes real business acumen to go bankrupt with a casino. An acumen for BAD business, that is.

No, I have absolutely no reason to vote for you, trump. It is not just that I don’t believe for one minute you know what you are doing economically. Trickle down economics, also called supply side economics, is a distortion and is not valid. Supply side economics is more likely to work because no matter how many gadgets companies product, if nobody can afford to buy them, it does no good.

Then on top of all that, there is your racist rhetoric and your determination to commit human rights violations right and left. (note the kids in concentration camps)

I will vote for ANY democrat over you, and if all the democrats somehow drop out (which they wont), I would vote for Mr Weld before I would you. Heck, I would write in Donald Duck if i had to.


User Comments

I will NEVER vote for trump and hope and pray that enough people have realized the truth enough to not do so in 2020.  Certianly the youngest generation is intelligent enough to see where his policies lead.

I will never understand anyone who votes for a second term for this imbecile, NEVER!!!!  I am still gob-smacked about the fact that he actually got into the White House in the first place!!

And the things that come out of his mouth.  He has just about started another resesion a la W and is claiming that the only way that the economy can be saved is electing him again.  That is illogical.

he really believes people would vote for him again if the economy tanks?  Goes to show how dumb he thinks his supporters are...lol. Then again, they voted for him in the first place so...........

Well, he is saying that unless he is elected (again) the economy will collapse, that he is the only one that can keep it going well..because you know, Obama did such a bad job, he is he best, and nobody else is as good as he is.

Never mind that the economic situatino is shakey because of his trade wars, or that farmers are losing money and the government has had to bail them out...he is the best, he assures us.

More poppycock from the liar-in-chief.

He is talking to his base. Just remember that. He is NOT talking to the majority of Americans who he knows darn well hate his guts!!!  He can say stupid things to his base because they swallow every ounce of crap he vomits.  But he knows that most Americans are not as DUMB as his base so he is definitely not talking to the majority.  It would be good for everyone else to ignore him when he is talking to his base because nothing he says to them is true or even logical.

i know who believes him, but I think the man is insane.  Sadly, his supporters are as bad as he is.

BUT the rest of America are not!!!  That's what you gotta focus on...{#basic-laugh.gif}

yeah, I keep thinking that...but with much going wrong, and nobody standing up to him, it gets hard sometimes.

he'll get his, dont worry about that!!!  Epstein did!!

I am just impatient, almost 3 years is entirely too long for us to have to live under this crook.

I'm not American and I've felt every painful day of those three years!!!  I've developed a hatred for someone I didnt know I was even capable of.

I understand.  I have nothing but disdain for the monster in the White House...I will glad to see him leave office, and hopefully face the "reward" for all his slippery deals trying to suppress the investigation into his using or allowing with his encouragement the Russian intreference.

In addition, the inhumane way he has mistreated and jail in concentration camps little children is beyond any idea of decency.

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