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Niemeyer provides trumps talking point (lie)

Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 1:02pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, injustice, lies, bullies, politics

It was recently announced that the 4th district US Appeals Court ruled that Maryland and DC didn't have evidence to support their claim that trump is using the office to benefit personally via emoluments.  First of all, I think that decision was a huge miscarriage of Justice.  I stroyly suspect that Niemeyer is one of those judges that are in trumps pocket.  That is a disease that seems to be going around.  Now with trump finding an Attorney General willing to cover for his crooked ways, it is likely to get worse. No longer do I consider the DOJ to be what it used to be, ie an enforcer of Justice. Now it is a rubber stamp for trumps evil deeds.

But even more telling was shat the ruling actually said.  It said Maryland and DC hadn't proven their case.  Stating that there was the possibility that trump was actually losing money because people weren't doing business with him because of political reasons.  Well, that ruling ignored the huge amounts of bullying that trump does, not just with Americans but with other countries' leadership.

But please note that the actual ruling was that the parties hadn't PROVEN that he hadn't lost money rather than gained it. Surprise, suprise.  trumps' almost immediate response was to spew the story that he had sacrificed money in order to be in the White House.

In other words, a simple declaration of "lack of proof" gets turned into a story about how much trump has given up.  The man has given up nothing, and now has the power to make sure his friends and he make a killing.  The lying huckster of New York City (hated by the city, by all accounts), now empowered with federal access.

He has lied about so many things, ho wants to bet he is not lying again at this point.  My money says the judge gave hiim his new series of lies!!!  Much the way Fox and Brietbrat have in the past.


User Comments

Basically the judge gave trump his new lie to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible voters.

none of this is a surprise at all, everything and everyone that orange sack of shit touches or comes into contact with is corrupt/corrupted not because they like him but because they are taking care of themselves and their own personal gains.  Most of them probably hate that sack of shit as much as we do, many of them have said so in the past including Kelly Ann Conway, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham and many others who are now licking his butt cheeks like their life depends on it.  I wouldnt mind betting many of them are being promised monetary rewards for their loyalty which would explain a lot of the insanity that is enabling and supporting this lying sack of shit!!!

Monetry rewards might explain it...not much else does.  Kellyanne's husband apparenttly is not part of the deal because he still hates trump.

how ironic if they get a divorce because of the orange maggot....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

She has publically chose trump ovefr her own husbnd.  I doubt things are easy in THAT household.

Says a lot about her character and the type of person she is.

Yeah, I feel sorry for her husband....wouldn't be surprised to see them get a divorce...and it would be her fault as far as I am concerned....choising the idiot in the white house over her own husband.  Shameful!!!!

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