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New York State may just bring some of the crooks in the current administration to justice despite trumps efforts

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 12:25am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, corruption, politics

Have you noticed that New York doesn't like trump?  Well, I have and think I know why.  You see New York knows more about trump than many of us.  The people of New York have watched him scam businesses that have provided services for him, called up newspapers planting false or misleading stories to make himself look good and powerful, and violating all sorts of state laws in all likelihood.

So, the City of New York doesn't like him.  Since the city is such a large percentge of the state, and are closer to knowing trumps dirty secrets than anybody else other than people in the city, the entire state knows he is not to be trusted.

I, obviously, find this revealing and gratifing because that State may be our last hope in bringing the crooks in this administration to justice.  The latest is that the State Senate has moved to take an end run around any attempts trump might take to pardon people who are found to have violated State as well as Federal laws.

They are moving to undo their Double Jeapeory law to enable the State Courts to proceed with prosecution of people guilty of illegal conduct even if trump gives them a pardon on the Federal level.  We know that Mueller actully did turn over some things that he found over to other courts.  The man in the White House can't pardon someone for a State law.

So, it looks like New York is one state than may just bring people found guilty of federal charges but pardoned in on State charges.

Finally, someone is moving toward giving us justice and stopping trump's move toward setting aside the Constitution guidelines about Seperation of powers in government.

It could just be our last chance to save our country from becoming the dictatorship that trump seems to think his getting into the White House gives him permission to declare.


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hmmm, New york might just pull our countries bacon out of the fire.

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