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new surge starting of Covid-19 along with approaching flu season or just another upswing like the one during summer because of stupidty

Added: Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 6:02pm by scenefromtheleft

It is frustrating to me these days. It is astonishing to me how unaware some insist on being about the health risks of Covid-19. I have continued to avoid crowds, and although I go to restaurants, I try to stay at least 6 feet from everybody, with the possible exception of the waiter stuff unless I have a mask fully in place. Again, the one exception is the waiter staff of the restaurant which is hard, but even them I try to keep at my table as short a time as possible. Easy for me to do, since I always know what I want to go to any particular restaurant.

However, two things happened today, whether by coincidence or another sign that the idiot in the White House is screwing with our nation again. The CDC page that shows every day's new cases and new deaths is down today. Now I have checked it about 5 times and it has been down all afternoon so far. At the very same time, in trying to get my figures for today, I checked around and found out that per the New York Times, one of the more honest publications in my opinion, the cases are up severely today at 75,000 plus.

The first issue is why did the CDC site pick today to go down? Now, I will admit that the evidence is out either way. It could be temporary and later today or early tomorrow, it may be up and running and showing the right numbers for today. But, I have to say it is interesting, to say the least. Call me paranoid if you like, but the orange menace has lied and played down, etc too many times, and even threatened the CDC and tried to overrule their reporting enough for me to be suspicious whenever a new “glitch” hits.

The second issue, really a question, is related to the apparently sudden upsurge…the second one since March when this debacle started. We were told early on that it was very likely to be a cyclical thing and that the summer heat would cause it to lie almost dormant but that the cooler weather would usher in another round of it. Yet, in mid-summer, we had a huge uptick.

The second uptick was because naive and selfish persons mostly in red states decided to believe trump and go out without masks and without any form of social distancing. He contributed to this horror by having his self-serving rallies resume until that blew up in his face and he had to withdraw somewhat. Of course, he then said he had it, and downplayed it even though we all know that he got more care than a normal patient is ever likely to get having the government insurance plan and the fact that he is seen as the boss. We were still told not to worry.

So now, the daily new infections have gone up more, according to the New York Times report, than at any time except the very beginning. So, my question is this the new cooler spell of fall causing another bout of Covid-19 surging across the country, or is it just another uptick due to the naive and idiocy of the trump administrations dealing with this pandemic.

At least, I went and voted against the man in the White House, in case anybody has any questions, I voted for Biden and would have voted for Donald Duck or Woody Woodpecker before I would have voted for the criminal behind the Resolute Desk, but sure hope and pray I don’t end up sick because of it.

But either way, I will NEVER regret voting for the Blue team in order to get some decency back into the administration of this country. I would have preferred to be voting for Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, but Biden will do!!! Oh, and I guess for a few days anyway till I see how the numbers go, I am isolating back in the house as much as possible, and if I eat restaurant food it will be drive-through.


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The title says it all but I ask important questions you might wanna read.

I didn't like the other two, Warren is loopy and Bernie I think, he's cute but naive. Still anyone but the orange hate monkey would be good. I'm told that when he's outside a his head makes the same noise as when you blow into a bottle the right way. 

We had a single new case today in all of Australia, but our borders are still locked and we are still distancing, wearing masks and arresting anti-maskers. You guys probably would think that's mad but it worked. 

Soon they'll be opening up a travel bubble between us and several other Banana-19 free nations and all businesses will re-open. I don't think it'll go well for you even if Biden gets in you still have a good 40-43% of your population that think masks and 5G spread Communism. 

:)  At least we agree that any of them would be better than trump.

And yes you are right, those that don't care to cooperate with precauctions still won't.

A stick with a dead snake on it is going to be a better president, but yeah either of them - Bernard and Liz would have made an infinitely better president that that 70 year old child. 

Yeah, I was for Bernie in 2016 during the primary, this time he just didn't seem as good for some reason, and I perferred Liz...(interestingly Pete Buttigieg, although you would think I would vote for a fellow gay man all things being equal) just didn't cut it for me.

Biden is a good compromise, mithinks.  Personally I would rather someone further to the left and not so close to the corporate democrats but others feel differently, and it is preferable, in my opinion,  to get the best we can and get rid of trump and then quibble over "the little stuff".  LOL

Yeah look it's tempting to vote for people like oneself but, there's no way I'd vote for a blonde, we are either not smart or evil, few exceptions. 

We have a few gay poli's one of my favorites is the Senate leader for the opposition Penny Wong, she's a lezzo and I think her grandparents were Chinese she's one of the nations 'most trusted' poli's apparently. 

Even the conservatives here have gays in their party - most people don't especially care if you like dudes or dudettes. 

Not a fan of the far left, they make me nervous what with all that - hand over your hoon car business. 

Dead Cold hands bitches! 

I get it, but I am closer to left wing, as you likely know.  I was born in abject poverty, hated it and think it is the worst ever.  Especially when multimillionares and billionnaires get all sort of tax cuts and breaks.

As far as I am concerned, they can hand some over or f off.  The government, in my not so humble opinion, needs to help those that need it, not the aholes that already have it.  Those like some on this site that want lack of regs would end up giving the haves even MORE and destroying the rest of us financially and socially.

That's my opinioin.  Of course Australia has its own situation.  I am talking America.

Oh, and I didn't like Buttigieg because he was too corporatist....as prone if not more so, to give the elite more money or so I feared as Biden would be.

I'm with you on the rich paying their due, the same bunch of rich criminals rape our country of resources and give nothing back, Exxon paid zero on 8.4 Billion, Lend lease 9.5 billion - tax - zero.

This is a marked improvement on the year before where they pay no tax. To give you an idea of the corruption the 8 biggest corporations total tax payments last year was $85,000. Seriously.

The situation with pays isn't great either but our minimum wage is bigger than yours, our standard of living, education, housing and health - well we have universal healthcare and if you are poor it's free.

We also have less unemployment, less crime, less murder and of course no guns, also if our cops shoot someone for being black they go to jail - sometimes. 

Our press is run by the same guy who owns yours tho. 

Dunno Buttigieg, shame he's got a name that'd make for lots of butt jokes :) 

yeah, he is so milk toast, sadly.  But that name was the "butt' of lots of jokes, and misprounounations.

See now this human excrement stuff is why as i have gotten older, I have gotten even more left wing.  LOL

I've gone more left as I got older, maybe there is a barrier tho - you get to the age of the site's conservatives and you go mental for mental? 

Most of the Republicans have weird names - Mit Romney, Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin..

I love Penny Wong and would vote for her for PM in a heartbeat!!

Our premier here in WA is still keeping the borders shut and most West Australians are grateful to him for keeping us safe. Our businesses are running and we've had no serious outbreaks of Covid 19 AT ALL.  Our lives here in WA have always been normal even at the height of the pandemic scare.  Sure we closed dows cinemas and coffee shops and restaurants when it first got scary but our mitigation process was very successful and thanks to our Premier we were up and running when the other states were getting a second spike.  We still cant go overseas which sucks but I would rather we stayed safe and nobody gets really sick and dies from a very preventable virus.


Penny won't tho, she's asked all the time but she is happy in the senate, it's a shame we don't have more like her.

I actually admire your premier - and ours for the tenacity they've shown to all the pressure the media and Scotty got no friends have put on them. The thing is it worked! I look at American and Europe and think, we are so lucky to live in this wonderful country with sane decent people! I really miss travelling tho...

me too, this is the first year in more than 20 that I havent gone anywhere and I am feeling the need more and more every day.  I am dying to go home to the Philippines to see my relatives, I am dying to continue my bucket list trips which I am hoping to do next year and also I was going to do a south pacific cruise to Papaete, Bora Bora and Hawaii in 2022.  I am hoping this pandemic will be over by then.

I am just dreaming of going to some of my favorite bars again, but since this is a heavily touristy city, and the bars are either "take out drinks" or thrown together eateries, just to meet the requirements of the guidelines for occupany by the type of business, I don't even feel it is safe to do that.

Especially since some of those at the business seem to think that because they got a test last week, there is no way they could have it this week, despite not wearing masks and social distancing consisteny and/or being half drunk.  Plus, everytime I start to think it might be safe, it seems the numbers start going back up.  **sigh**

Sadly this pandemic will be around for quite some time and as long as there are those who still dont believe it is serious and refuse to do the right thing for their country because their personal "freedom" and sense of entitlement is more important, its not gonna go away anytime soon.

Yeah, and there are accounts of people getting it twice.  Now whether that is simply a matter of it not going away, them thinking it did and then returning, or not, that could have a huge impact on the very concept of things like a vaccine.

I mean, how do you vaccinate against things that are reoccurring??  Certainly, there seems to no vaccine for a bad cold, which some people get two, three times a year.  They still haven't established that Covid-19 is not in the same family of viruses that the "simple" bad cold is and repeatable the same way.

That's the last I knew, they may have some evidence to clarify that now, but it hasn't been readily clarified to the general public that I know of.

If it is repeatable, this pandemic could literally never end without major, major sciencitific discoveries being made, which could take years.

it's not so much that it can recur with people who have already had them and got over the illness.  Contracting a virus gives you a certain amount of immunity against that virus so you dont catch it again. I dont know if you can catch a mutation of the same virus, it's possible.  What has become evident is that this virus is something that affects many parts of the human body and can cause damage to internal organs in a lot of people. So you might get over the actual virus but the long term effects on the damage it might have caused to parts of your body will affect you for the rest of your life.

That is all true, but there are at least a few that report getting it more than once.  Maybe they are right, it is possible, but that is the report and even Fauci said that while most viruses aren't catchable more than once, that infection and survival means immunity, there was no certainly that is true with this....it isn't with a bad cold like I said.

There is still so much that they are still finding out, only time will tell.

But....but.....Trump keeps saying it will disappear and that we have gotten over it!!

Yeah, interesting how that works huh...I guess the virus hasn't gotten the memo.

By the way we had one new infection today, no deaths - um I think active cases are around 1,400 none of those are critical so hopefully that's the Banana-19 done here. Which goes to show what lockdown, masks and a reasonable amount of leadership vs denial on the government's behalf will do. 

Not that I want to rub it in, I think it's awful you've lost so many lives and I wish it was none, but bluntly put the blame lies with Trump and his followers lack of action. 

One new infection??  The whole nation???  Wow, the United States probably has had that many while I was typing this comment.

Yeah yesterday was none which is disapointmentingful I really want to go on holidays after semester ends and if we keep getting Rona I'll have to spend it here with Emma (my fb/gf/bff depending on the day) and we are pretty bored with each other. 

the worst thing that's happened about this pandemic is it was so disgustingly politicized from day one. You have a president who from day one called it a democrat hoax to stick it to him and then you got his sycophants and defenders reverberating his BS which opened the doors to the anti-maskers and idiots who still dont believe the pandemic is as dangerous as it is. Never mind that it's killed over 220,000 people so far but I guess until it happens to them or their loved ones or someone they know, they will continue to deny it's danger or even it's existence.  It didnt have to be this way for your country if only your idiot president wasnt such a nut job.

you noticed all that too, did ya? {#bag-on-head.gif}  As indeed, it would be hard not too.  We were told that we could expect an upsurge this coming flu period, by the experts, so you can imagine why I am wondering why we have this current uptick, which although thus far only one day old which has such weird timing that it hit just when the CDC site seems to have crashed.

But no, we should trust the man in the White's Houses statements and not worry, be happy.

The world is watching at how stupefyingly outrageous what is happening in the states. It makes headlines news everywhere outside your country because it is really hard to believe that the US has simply "lost the plot".

And that  one day update that I was talking about just a day or so ago, is now proving to be a bit more substantial.  One of the three days was about average for what was happening before the new uptick but like day before yesterday, the report for today is on the side.

The possible danger is so obvioius, and yet, it is my belief that a lot of people want to downplay this entire thing.  Those of us who are concerned, are considered alarmists.

We are once again proving to be a clown on the world stage.  We, as a nation, are going to have a lot to overcome going into the future to win back the respect we have had...at least in some quarters.

Oh, and the CDC site doesn't seem to be working any better than it was 2 days ago when i wrote this from where I sit.

and all because that orange bag of shit wanted to be re-elected!!!

.....likely because he knows that whether he  is pardoned on any federal crimes he has committed or not....the state of New York is still gunning for his ass.

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