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Michael Cohen, former fixer, who finally decided to put himself first in his own life?

Added: Tuesday, September 15th 2020 at 9:35am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: politics, trump, lies

Michael Cohen’s book came out on September 8th and arrived the next day in my mailbox. Obviously I had this book pre-ordered just as i now have Bob Woodward (of Nixon bursting fame)’s on pre-order now. As I was sitting here typing this blog, the book, Rage, was delivered, so it will be on the list of books to be read. Bob Woodward, is certainly a more admirable character than Cohen, has been, but at least Cohen finally decided to listen to his better angels, as was as try to salvage his own life and credentials as a decent human being.

In case in ten or twenty years, people begin to ask what we now do about Nazi Germany in regard to how we need the monster situation of trump to infiltrate and destroy a nation that had such promise, I will have a list of books that in fact DID attempt to turn the tide, and Michael’s will be one of that serious of books. People DID try to save our country and that fact will be documented. We had warning, and we STILL allow this man to have a second term in office, and more death and oppression is the result, there is documentation that some DID try to warn us, loudly and clearly.

But let's focus in for a moment on what Michael has to say. First all, he reminds us that trump was a friend, as well as a client, of the nasty nefarious Roy Cohn of Joseph McCarthy times. Yes, the same man that helped destroy many lives with his lies and propaganda in the 1950s and early ’60s, was also the person who introduced trump to the “cut-throat” blame somebody else for every mistake you make” philosophy that he adheres to this day. At no point did the truth affect Roy Cohn, nor does it trump. As long as he gets what he wants when he wants it, anything goes.

The fact of the matter is that we did not need Cohen to tell us that. It has been self-evident to anybody that is paying attention. If his actual business style didn’t tell us, then certainly his attacks on Obama with the Birtherism bull crap should have but of course for some people that is all fine and dandy because trump is….well, not Obama and that is all that matters.

Now, I have very little respect for Michael Cohen. I got his book because of his logic when he says that when you are learning about crooks, other crooks are often who you have to talk to in order to get that understanding is correct. No big crook plots were even solved that didn’t include talking to lower-level grunts that worked with the mob bosses. I am not quoting Michael precisely, but nevertheless this is close to what he actually has to say in this book. The fact is that both Michael and trump have ties to the mafia, of different ethnicities.

While Michael may seem to downplay his own actual involvement with the mafia, the fact remains that he admits here that his uncle was on the edge of the mafia and he himself self-identified as a kind of “made man” who was willing to do whatever it took to gather power and wealth and more than that even….notoriety. Yes, he wanted attention and fame. He was especially susceptible to the trump gang mentality because he liked the excitement and the idea of crushing his opponents, regardless of what had to done to do so, appealed to him.

So, he allowed himself to get swept up in the lies and bull crap that trump uses on a day to day basis to get what he wants. trump values loyalty, but only that loyalty that he demands that others give him to him. It never goes in the opposite direction. Michael tells us that trump is capable of being generous but he is not a generous person, being honest on occasion, but not an honest person. This tells us that trump knows exactly what he is doing and that he is being dishonest, greedy, and uncaring about other people and simply doesn’t care.

One episode helps to confirm this — ie the Birtherism hoax. As we have all heard, trump has long had people who planted stories about how great he was. Well, the Birther tale was an is another trump plant. The claim was put out in the media that trump had agents in Hawaii investigating Obama’s birth certificate and that an announcement about the findings would be released “in a few days”. trump made the call, and Cohen heard it.

Cohen then asked if trump wanted him to send investigators to Hawaii since to his knowledge there was none then. trump’s answer was “no” letting Cohen know that it was all a media plant to seed doubt and disharmony in the American population and make them question Obama’s right to be in office.

These sorts of stories continue, both in the book and long after the book was written. This is the type person that is sitting in the Oval Office trying to destroy our country from within. We can’t, mustn’t let him get away with it.

trump is a liar and seems to know he is lying and simply doesn’t care. Sadly, some poor fools actually believe or pretend to believe his lies because it seems to give them something they want. For Cohen, that thing was excitement and the joy of destroying anybody that stood in his way. Each person that voted for trump needs to example exactly what their own motivation was for buying the lie that has been sold to the nation, effectively destroying our national dignity and decency.

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Cohen is not a good guy...not only in his own story.  Sad when you can't honestly say that you are not the problem.

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