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"mainstream media" versus Gateway Pundit? Is there any question?

Added: Tuesday, November 19th 2019 at 2:33pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, politics

It amazes me the attitude of many right wingers about the media. They believe that all of the established media, the media that sometimes has to print retractions when they make a mistake, is corrupt and fake. Yet they believe in fly by night, just created in the last few years sources that are obviously biased.

Let’s look at the “mainstream media” versus the misbegotten publication the Gateway Pundit. Yes, I have read at least one article in that piece of conspiracy and yellow journalism. By the way, if I remember what I read correctly, the Gateway Pundit was founded very recently when apparently a group of people decided that Breitbart was not slanted enough apparently.

Now, let’s consider the slant of each form of media. The first three links below are all saying that the army is staying in communication with the Vindman and the situation brewing around his testimony against the man in the White House. They are even keeled and are very clear that the army is just trying to stay aware and there has actually been no real move to do anything. However, all three say that should there be enough credit threat against the Vindman family, they will be protected, and perhaps moved to an army base.

But now let us look at the Gateway Pundit. This is the horrible source that someone on a third party blog threw up to me as the source for a recent blog. Now that same person hates the New York Times and the Washington Post and rejects out of hand anything appearing in either of those two publications because they are supposedly biased. Yet, the Gateway Pundit is a valid and trustworthy source.

So what is the news according to Gateway Pundit? Apparently, Vindman is trying to take the job of the commander in Chief and all sorts of other horrible things. In one article i read there recently, the article was obviously biased, and the comments were all hate for democrats and anybody that stood up to the man in the White House in any way.

So, when your conservative/right wing neighbors talk about the mainstream media being biased, remember, the media they consider unbiased is the most blatantly biased of all. In fact, much of it, I am thinking Alex Jones and Gateway Pundit here, are actually suggesting a violent “solution” to be used against those of us who haven’t drunk the kool aid that trump is selling. So now who is being brainwashed and deluded?!!





User Comments

I actually had someone who disallows any media I ever quote as being invalid, try to use Gateway Pundit as though that was a good honest source.  Just really, some people have lost their minds to conspiracy and fake media.

I dont think it takes anyone with Einstein's IQ to discern what is fake news and what is not. Most people with average intelligence can see bias and partisanship and will form their own opinions on what is real and what is fake.  It is only brain-washed, mindless sheep who swallow crap without question and there's a lot of them on both sides of the aisle.

None of us can read every media source out there.  Everybody picks who they think is the most likely to be true and are less likely to show their bias by the way they report.  Myself, I pick long lasting media, media that has a large name recognization and who have been known to actually admit when they get something wrong.

Sadly, I think soem choice obvious bias.  Any publication that referred to Obama as not being American, or who says that trump is "showing his enemies" is NOT one I would ever trust. 

It also boils down to plain common sense, much of the really FAKE stuff is so blatantly obvious, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Unfortunately there are those brain-washed who just accept what is dished out to them and wont question or try to make up their own minds after doing some research.


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