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lets look at Kamala Harris with a question

Added: Monday, April 22nd 2019 at 3:31pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: politics, honest, president

Kamala Harris gets probably the most discussion in public of any of the women running for President except Elizabeth Warren. I think it is beyond time that women have a chance at gettin into the White House. They can’t, as others have pointed out, do any worse than many of the men have and have as much on the ball,

So, it is that in my research, I think it is important that I give the women equal look…or as close as I can get to equal. I have already discussed Elizabeth, so now it is Kamala’s turn.

She is pretty much right on every issue. She was opposed to getting out of the Paris Account and is against wasting money on a wall on the Southern Border. She also acknowledges the truth that the trump tax cut was not helpful to the working and middle class citizens.

On the question of trumps impeachment, she is not one of those favoring it at this time, wanting to get more information. That is not a major problem for me, I consider the desire to get more information to be a major positive.

However, there is one concern that i do have about Kamala. Although she took the pledge not to accept super-pac or corporate money, Intercept reports that she didn’t keep her word on that. This is troubling on two levels.

First of all, it is troubling to me because I loath the tendency of large corporates to buy our elections. I strongly think that Citizens United was a betrayal of our entire system and should be overturned. Corporations are NOT people, they are “made up” legal structures for the purpose of protecting non-invested private resources. They serve well for what they are meant for, but applying human rights to a corporation is a form of unpardonable double dipping. A way, if you will, of taking the benefits of being a legal construct and still keeping the advantages of personal identity. Not cool.

The second reason, I found this situation disturbing is that she signed on to not take those corporate and lobbying funds. So, this is a break of trust with what she herself said.

Now does she have an explanation, even one that I might accept? Maybe, but I want her to be asked and be required to answer that question before I would commit to voting for her…..at least in the primary. In the general election, that dishonesty is far less awful than the dishonesty the current resident of the White House engages in every day of the week.



User Comments

I intend to look at every candidate as we proceed.  I am working my way slowly though the list.  This is the second of the women I have given a look at, and I have a question for Kamala, that I may just ask personally i I can find a forum.

Somehow I get the feeling that the media will decide who wins the primary and becomes the Democratic nominee.  They seem to be focusing a lot more on the male candidates than the women and as each new candidate throws a hat in the ring, the previous one gets forgotten.  Beto O'Rourke was forgotten when Mayor Pete announced he was running, Biden still hasnt decided but already he is "old news" since they couldnt make the mud stick about his "over zealous" show of affection. I think I saw somewhere that Swalwell has thrown his hat in the ring but there's been nothing about him yet that I have seen.  It's going to be a very frustrating primary, at this stage it's definitely anybody's race.

I think ultimately the race will be Bernie versus some one up till the convention if not after.  I don't know who that other will be...only time will tell.  i think Bernie is in it till flose to the end.

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