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Let's Get this Straight, General Milley is not a traitor; if anybody is, it is trump himself!!!!

Added: Thursday, September 16th 2021 at 7:36pm by scenefromtheleft


I am always torn as to whether to laugh or cry whenever (former guy) or (crook-in-chief) starts waxing nasty about someone, anyone, and their loyalty. It helps to remember that to him the word “loyalty” isn’t owed to the Nation but to himself personally. Of course, he never returns that loyalty, but that is what makes him who he is. This is a man who repeatedly told the BIG LIE that the election was rigged, and agitated till he convinced his followers to storm the Capitol. Nobody is ever going to convince me that he wasn’t actively behind that attempted insurrection. Therefore, as far as I am concerned HE is a traitor to this country. He tried to undo what makes the United States what it is seen as, a land of fairness and decency.

So, to see this POS called Milley, as leader of the joint chief of staff a traitor because he may have advised China that we would not be bombing them because C-I-C wanted to make war to deflect from his power grab in this country on Jan 6th is just more of the same. Another one of trump’s numerous, almost uncountable lies. Remember, the man lied sometimes a dozen or even more a day.

Woodward has a record of telling the truth, much to a couple of Administration’s chagrin (Nixon and trump in particular) Crooks always hate when the truth comes out about them and that is what Woodward did to both of the two major criminals that got into office in the last 70 years, ie Nixon and C-I-C. The worst of the two, of course, being C-I-C. Even Nixon looks good by comparison although that is a very low bar.

So, let’s just say, for a minute, that Milley did advise the Chinese that they could ignore trump’s squeaking and squawking and sabra rattling. I say good for Milley, he may just have prevented C-I-C from getting us involved in World War III with no purpose or real reason. We know that Former Guy was capable of doing almost anything to get his own way.

So, let’s be sure, no matter what some Republicans that have allowed their party to be stolen by trumpism and its White Nationalist/racist adherents, if either one of these two men were traitors to the United States and that for which it stands, it was not Gen Milley. That person would be none other than Former Guy. Milley may just have been the patriot that saved us from not just insurrection, but also a World War because of the ego of one insane crook. If we ever have another World War, I would hope it would not be over something as insignificant as one egomaniac’s lust for power.

That would make us no better than Nazi German, which makes perfect sense since Former Guy was much closer to being like Hitler than any respectable leader of the free world. He certainly loved dictators like Putin and Kim Jong-Un. I have always believed that he would do what they did here in the United States if he were allowed to get away with it which makes even less sense that the so-called “freedom lovers” and haters of corruption were all in with him on Jan 6th.

If all this is true, thank you, General Milley, for your excellent service to the United States against tyranny.




User Comments

So, who is the traitor....really???

the insurrection inciter is the traitor, he needs to be indicted for treason and locked up for the rest of his miserable life!!!

I have been hoping for a prison term for him for more than a year now, because I believe the incitement of insurrection is NOT his first crime by a long shot.  But I am beginning to worry that I will never see the day that he gets his comeupannce.

I am hoping for the exact wishes you have hoped for, dreamt about, and even prayed for !

I know there are a lot of us out here praying that the rigth winger bigots who were impowered by the C-I-C will end up being send back to the dust bin where they belong.  They are the very opposite of everything this country ever claimed to be.

I no longer give the rank-and-file of those groups any sway as if they are still on board with the dictator-wannabe, they are anti-American as far as I am concerned.

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