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Idiocracy and trumpism: What is the difference? Some are seeing the light, will it be enough?

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 4:32pm by scenefromtheleft

In 2007, a movie called Idiocracy came out.  The movie was supposed to be a comedy about what would happen if the population got dumbed down and a truly crazy person managed to get into position as President.  The whole point was that with "Reality TV" and the glorification of dumped down culture, we might be heading to a real disaster of a situation.  

How might we reach such a point?  What might be the ideas held to be true.  The first video presents a vision of how we might get there.  The second indicates what the situation might look like.



If you watched the first video, you will find that the idea was that “reality Tv” and a tendency for the most uneducated, and therefore, poorer and more likely to reproduce, would take over in the course of perhaps fifty or years till we ended up with a truly dumbed down civilization.

Sadly, this prediction was extremely optimistic because nine years later, in 2016, the American public allowed what is undoubtedly the most insane and criminal and unworthy politician ever, to get into the White House. This man has bullied and lied and scandaled his way into power. He started out scapegoating people from Mexico and South America as all being evil. Now nobody can doubt that there are some crooks that come across the border. However, most of them are refugee from totalitarian administrations, or gangs that are dangerous to their lives.

So what do the people in Idiocracy believe that we don’t? Well, they have become convinced that water is dangerous and that the chemicals that are actually toxic that they have been told to use instead are good for the plants.

Before we get too high on our horse, let’s look at what many of our fellow Americans still defend about trump. On national TV, he told us that he believed Putin instead of our intelligence community about Russian interference. Yet, his followers continue to say he is ‘god choice for the United States”. He called Kim Jong Un, little Rocket man and threatened him till they “fell in love”. This despite the fact that there was no change in Kim’s policy or drive for nuclear weapons.

He makes fun of people on a daily basis, and that is perfectly alright with them. He locks children in cages on the Southern Border and that is just fine.

Sadly, everything points to the movie Idiocracy being too optimistic. Apparently, many in the United States were already too dumbed down by what passes for entertainment and toxic “masculinity” to ward off the downslide of our culture.

Let’s just hope that more and more will listen to those who have seen the light of what trump actually represents. Those people some of whom even bought the kool aid till they realized it was poisonous like Michael Cohen, Omarosa and even Gary Cohen, who recently came out saying that trump was doing damage with his tariffs that were causing people not to want to invest.


User Comments

Wow, the dumbing down of American suggested in Idiocracy was extremely optimistic.  And yet, here we are.

these four years will go down in history as the worst shit stain on a country that likes to tout itself as the greatest nation on earth.  From the moment that orange thug walked down the escalator to announce his candidacy, he knew exactly where his strength would be, RACISM!!  He stoked up the deep seated anger and hatred of Mexicans and Muslims and non-whites in general and that was enough to get his 63 million votes. He lost the popular vote by some 3 million but got elected through the most ludicrous outdated electoral college and aided by the dictator of what used to be a communist regime loathed and abhorred by the Republicans in particular.  He was the very essence of the KGB and he wanted that orange buffoon in the White House because he knew how easy it would be to manipulate and complete and utter dumb-ass!!!   What a sad stain in America's history.

exactly what I believe happened as well.  I have compared him to  Hitler ever since that escalator ride, for that very reason.  Both used scapegoating and hatred of "the other" in order to get in power.

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