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How trump delivers on health care.....empty promises

Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 12:04pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: health, healthcare, trump, politics

Recently, trump did another one of his stunts. This time it was a purported healthcare plan that he said is all ready to replace the ACA. He delivered by way of a book, a pretty thick book, to CNN’s Leslie Stahl. He claimed that this was the finally revealed new, better, health care plan that he has been announcing periodically for three years.

Yet, when it was examined, it consisted of various executive orders but no real plan done up by “the experts” to deal with health care reform that is so much needed in this nation. So, to put it succinctly, it was another example of trump’s empty promises when it comes to the rank and files American citizenry.

The fact is that the ACA is a good plan, and would have been better, in all likelihood, had not a basically Republican plan been what they picked. Yes, we know that it was basically the same thing that Romney had in his state of Massachusetts when he was governor.

What we actually need in this nation, like what is had in every other Western nation is some sort of Universal healthcare. I won’t say Medicare for All, because medicare would have to be changed to be truly available and fully take care of the needs of most Americans. The ones of us that are currently on Medicare, have to have additional insurance to cover all of our needs. However, it should be possible in the richest nation in the world to provide some sort of coverage for every man, woman, and child. To not do so, is inhumane and counterproductive to our continued position in economic and social and most especially quality of life arenas.

But don’t expect anything from the trump administration despite how many heavy books he might lope at Lesley Stahl in order to impress her and the viewing audience. He nor the Republican majority that exists today in the Senate have the concern about the health of the ordinary citizen’s health that would require.

Instead, they are more likely to give the top of the economic ladder even more breaks and perks, and then, as they already have, threaten to take things away from the ordinary citizen to pay for it. They have already done that when they came up with the 2017 tax break which ended up benefitting the industry owners far more than it did the workers then turned around and threatened cutting Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare to make the money up.

I would never trust a trump health care plan anyway…like all his other efforts, it would reward those that deserve and need the least “reward” and leave us, the regular citizen, in even worse condition with healthcare and its availability to the general population. So, that book he delivered, like everything he promises that sounds and looks, was a case of smoke and mirrors signifying about nothing of value.

Thanks, trump but no thanks — not falling for it and hopefully few people will.


User Comments

CNN tells what the purported healthcare plan consisted of....very very little other than words and pages.

I'm thinking of doing a 'what trump promised but didn't do' but I'd be writing a 40,000 word blog and he'll be gone soon anyway. 

I encourage you to go ahead and do it.  It would be nice to see the latest list as seen by friends in far away nations.

I have a few things around the house to do - and the lock-down is over, two days of no infections in Melbourne so tonight I am going out for dinner and then to the pub and hopefully wake up thinking - how do I get out from between these two without waking them up. 

Oh my, are you planning to be naughty?? Well, have fun.  Will await whatever you end up writting about whenever you are able to get around to it.  No biggie.

I did start on it, we are out of lock down now so I have catching up to do. Apparently ours was the longest at 145 days.

I might do some more trolling first tho ;)

trolling is important, after all.  Gotta get your priorities right. 

The hardest thing is dumbing yourself down to their level it hurts. 

Yeap, I can't do it, I really can't.

He doesnt have a plan, the Republicans dont have a plan, THERE IS NO PLAN!!

Precisely, and to think it would be "better" than the ACA is ludrious.  I would agree with taking the ACA and finding ways to improve it so that it costs less, and helps more people but their apparently goal is to destroy it, and leave millions of people with no health care insurance at all.

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