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Hope from the redneck south?? Hey, hope springs eternal, even in the days of trump

Added: Sunday, September 20th 2020 at 5:02pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: country, politics

We don’t need to go into history again as to why the south is often seen as the most bigoted and racist part of the country and the fact that in reality that often seems to be the case. I can speak from personal experience as a member of the LGBTQ community and a lifetime resident of the south. However, Trae Crowder is a wonderful exception to that sadly often accurate stereotype.

Trae is self-described as a liberal redneck. The outfit he is wearing in this picture was picked because I thought it was proof of the pudding. No pretension, just himself. In fact, his credentials as a redneck are easily proven. He was raised in the same area of Tennessee where I was raised. I was raised in Cookeville, Tn, and he was raised in Celina, which is even more off the beaten path, and I suspected free of minorities even than Cookeville. The difference between the two is that he grew up in a town with “more liquor stores than traffic lights” and I grew up 30 years prior in a town with NO liquor stores as it was a dry county. Cookeville had a college, which later became a full-fledged University and had teachers that came in from around the world. We were fairly cosmopolitan for the area. Oh and he went to the same University that I went to, the one there in Cookeville.

Yet, he, like myself, is an abnormality for the stereotype of the southern country redneck. You know, the guys one expects to use the n-word whenever possible and to beat up gays because they are “grossed out” etc. Apparently, after Unversity, while I fled to Nashville, he hit Knoxville, but other than that, and the years between our ages, we have some of the same backgrounds.

And here he is now, standing up for minorities….all minorities, and like myself telling the truth about the man in the White House and his giving cover to Neo Nazi’s and other nasty deplorable people….or at least those naive enough to think they need to support such ideology in order to have their own lives be successful.


With comedy, he suggests that conservatives just "give masks a chance"


He speaks up on Portland and the trump over-reach.


He speaks up for Black Lives Matter.

But he also has complaints with the Democratic Party and how they unfortunately, have dropped the needs of rural Americans.  Interestingly he shares that Biden has the right idea here.



User Comments

O.K. Interesting stuff. Is helpful when another cyberian (you for instance) gets autobiographical with it. Glad for reminder, I am, that universities do exist in smaller towns, even, even in the Big Bad Holy Fuck Batman KKK Is Surely Nigh South. Heh. Trae (of course it's Trae, better than Tray) was born in '86. You got about 33 years on that brat.

Chastizing Dems for Seeming Lack of Pragmatism Re: How to Actually Win in Rural America: um, he's rather Southern [insert poker face / deadpan face ] isn't he. There is fuckery afoot, SeemlyLefty, there just has to be. How? How could Pelosi et al. not be aware of How Dems Could Actually Gosh, Like, Win in Rural America?...How can Nancy & Schumer & Hillary (wtf Hillary?!) and...NOT KNOW? Fuckery afoot.

B.L.M.: "Rednecks, help me out here. When did we start liking cops?" Luv it.

Trump's Secret Police: Oh fuck, Lefty, I had dithered those scarey-ass OBVIOUSLY BIG BROTHER FASCISM MOVES ON THE PART OF TRUMP to my subconscious. Damnit. Mad at myself for forgetting so readily; so easily (zikes!) forgetting the thing that all by itself due to the IMMUTABLE FACT THAT IT HAPPENED is the only reason that anyone and anyone's dead great-great parents ought NEVER VOTE FOR THE PREZ WHO WROUGHT THAT. ESPECIALLY TO VOTE FOR THAT VERY PREZ A SECOND TIME. Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick.

Wear a God Damn Mask: Wearing mask is inconvenient. Merely. And hardly at all. "...It's my right to die as a squirrel!..." Very apt, Trae. Very apt. The thing is, I personally feel that social responsibilites, though they surely come after personal responsibilities, surely social responsibities are ALWAYS #2 ON THE LIST after taking care of the personal responsibilities?

As perhaps a bit of a non sequitor, you are unbeknownst giving me cause to go agro on the Usuals (fake conservatives) in Blogster. Heaven forfend. You are TRYIN' TO GET ME IN TROUBLE. Just kidding but not really. Erstwhile heroine who is never too deeply into the backburners of my mind:

NØ WiRE HANGERS GIF - MommieDearest JoanCrawford FayeDunaway - Discover &  Share GIFs

I don't see Trae as a brat, I am of the opinion that the youth are our hope for the future, and he is right on, in my opinion. But certainly he did grow up in different environment than I did, even though it was in the same general area.

His bio says that the town, Celina, where he grew up had more liquor stores than traffic lights.  That sounds familar because the town my mother was raised in, which was somewhere between Celina and where I was raised, had about 1000 persons in 2000 and they "put in a traffic light" about that time to "fit in with everybody else".  

I was raised really out in the country, and Trae doesn't say that, although it would not be odd to find out that he was also, but still no internet during my early years etc.

It is also true that democrats tend to focus on large groups, which are found in the cities, and don't communicate well with the rural areas...but then it might also be that most politicans represent their area, and the republicans tend to have a firm gripe on the rural areas, especialy in heavily red states like both Louisiana and Tennessee.

republicans tend to have a firm gripe on the rural areas, especialy in heavily red states like both Louisiana and Tennessee



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