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Having voted to remove freedom, the Supreme Court has now declared war on the planet

Added: Friday, July 1st 2022 at 9:46pm by scenefromtheleft

Recently, the draconian right-wing judges in the Supreme Court, many of whom promised to keep their grubby paws off settled law, denied women the right to choice on a national level. Not content to destroy a major piece of liberty, they are now declaring war on the planet and our ability to live healthily on it.


Coal is dirty…there is no such thing as “clean coal”. And we know that oil is both dirty AND kept in place purely because of the powerful gas and oil lobby which has done a good job of buying many of our politicians. There are some that are less filthy than others, but I was raised using coal in our “stove” and it was filthy. I know about coal. Limiting the power of the EPA to clean up our atmosphere is going to result in the type of environment in the picture above. Pollution will endanger people’s lives on a short time basis and the entire planet in the long term.

Instead of focusing on clean energy, the idiots in the supreme court are siding with the polluters and moving toward disaster. One has to wonder how many of the Justices either have investments in old dirty fuel sources like coal and oil. Follow the money and we will likely know. Certainly, we know that several of the judges have lied about their positions on Roe VS Wade, so there is every reason to hold them suspect on this issue also.

Fortunately, there are two bits of good news.

1. As this youtube video points out, MARKET influences are forcing some move toward clean energy.

2. Incidentially: once again, Adam Kinzinger does something good. in response to Lauren B who said that there is no such thing as “separation of church and state” and that the church should be in charge of the state….he responded RIGHTLY saying that was Christian Taliban talk. Sadly, Adam has announced that he, one of the last two real American Republicans that actually seem to care about the country and its people won’t run again.

That last is something I have said for a long time. When the government takes the side of one religious belief and excludes the views of others, that is the very definition of religious discrimination and is a violation of the Freedom of Religion concept. Everybody, by that, is allowed to practice their faith or lack of faith in their homes and houses of worship, but let others do the same


User Comments

The Supreme Court seems to be coming down on the side of pollution.

This November will tell the freal story of what is ahead for our country!!

We are seeing what is in store if we don't get our act together to resist this slide to the abusive right.

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