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Ground Breaking Bulletin: All lawsuits are over, Pennsylvania declaring for Biden

Added: Saturday, November 28th 2020 at 8:15pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: elections, trump, politics

I usually don’t write blogs this close together. But this is a situation, I have been worrying some about, and I want to “rush to the press” so to speak, with this groundbreaking news bulletin

Ever since November 4th or as soon as announcements started coming in, trump has been throwing a temper tantrum because things didn’t go his way. Personally, I have to wonder if maybe Putin and the Russians that I STILL believe helped him in 2016, failed to do so this time around. However, whether that was true or not, certainly enough people in the right states, those called battleground states, saw the light and voted in huge numbers against.

Of course, his supporters will have you believe, as will trump, that this was due to some sort of evil plot by illegal voters, or by the counters of the votes, to defraud him and pick Biden. However, to those of us who see the country’s condition right now, with Covid-19 on the uprise and new close-downs becoming necessary in various places across the country, the reason is obvious. Especially, new young people are entering the voting scene and more of them, as well as some of the older crowd, including people that bought into his rhetoric in 2016, voted against the man this time.

trump has said the same thing over and over again. The vote was rigged, the Democrats cheated, but never at any point has any real evidence been revealing. The republican who heads the election commission in Georgia has said that this is the most carefully checked election he remembers, even though his party's candidate did not win in that state. In fact, when a recount was done in Georgia, the amount of the lead reduced but was still over 12,000 votes for Biden over trump. In Milwaukee County, on the other hand, a recount ended up netting Biden 132 or so votes. So after that recount, Biden actually had a slightly bigger lead. The Milwaukee recount results were reported by Fox news. I included that to show that even Fox is being fairer and more even-keeled about this alleged “conspiracy” than trump is.

Now to the most important thing. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania brought a suit that resulted in an injunction this last Wednesday. Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered a halt to the certification of the election because of what she called the Unconstitutionality of the mail-in law passed. The Governor and leadership of the state went immediately to their state Supreme Count who returned a verdict today. Justice David Wecht ruled that the lawsuit did not even allege that any ballots were fraudulent, and there is already a law in place that certification is based on the popular vote outcome. Fraud needs to be proven or clearly indicated for an election to be overturned which is what this lawsuit was attempting to do.

The two republican Justices concerned with the decision, although they expressed the opinion that the Constitutionality of the mail-in provision “might be something in need of discussion” agreed with that decision. The decision itself was unanimous.

Now, trump is STILL making noises about going to the US Supreme Court but I don’t see how that is going to work to change anything. Biden got the majority of the popular vote by 6 million+ votes, and while Hillary also got the majority of the popular vote in 2016 (by over 3 million), Biden did it in the states that matter most, the battleground states. He may hope that because he named three of the Justices, and expects them to be “personally loyal” as he does with everybody he deals with, Kavanaugh has already proven at least once that he is not in total lockstep with trump.

In addition, exactly what basis would they use to try and overturn the case? trump has no real evidence, or why hasn’t he showed it by now. Saying that there has been fraud does not make it so unless there is some evidence. The intelligence community is not saying there is such evidence. In fact, a lot of trump’s accusations have been found without merit even by the Barr DOJ which one might expect to be in lockstep with trump, although I guess there is only so much that can be done to manufacture evidence that doesn’t exist.

At some point, trump is going to have to accept reality or find some proof or at least an indication of it — maybe find a person who witnessed something. All he is doing at this point is proving what an arrogant self-absorbed little child he is despite being 74 years old. I can guarantee that if he pulls some sort of stunt, or someone working for him does, and steals this election, he will not be any more popular than he is now, and the resistance will likely be even worse. I know I will certainly nag my representation to fight him tooth and nail, preferably to keep him from stealing the election, but if the Senate even edges over to the Democratic party, the petition I will be signing and pushing will be one to impeach him for crimes committed, including the help he got from Russia suggested by the Mueller Report (remember even Barr had to acknowledge that it did NOT exonerate him).

The man is a wannabe dictator fueled by his huge vision of himself as a strong man. Many of us saw that in 2016 when he used the rhetoric of the populist, nay even Fascist leaders like Hitler to bedazzle and blind those that wanted to believe he was going to give them all the good things in life. I knew when he attacked Hispanics and followers of Islam as an entire demographic that, like Hitler, he would find other groups to demonize, and lo and behold, he next went after the Transgendered population. I believed him when he told me who he was, and who he told me he was amounted to being a wannabe dictator who was willing to throw huge numbers of American citizens under the bus to appeal to the lowest common denomination: the racist and the homophobes in the so-called “White Nationalist” movement. Please note: people can prefer not to deal with certain types of person, but preventing those persons from having equal rights and access in the public squareissomething else entirely — it should be seen as un-American.

When people like David Duke want to endorse you, it is a sign that something is badly wrong with your positions on most things regarding American values. That alone, with him not repudiating that offer immediately, should have told the entire country that this man was not worthy of the office. Sadly, many drank the kool-aid, and are still, although there are fewer today I think, still slurping it.

Biden suggests that we forgive and forget and go into the future as fellow Americans. I don’t know if I can, in the sense that I doubt the trumpers will stop bragging about how great he is/was and I can’t stomach such displays of hatred against so many persons like myself and just about all my real friends. As someone has said, “I can forgive political differences, but trump supporters are justifying plain evil and immorality” and the violation, I might add, of everything the country has said for years that it stood for. You know what I mean, that equality under the law and welcoming of the brave people desiring to be free? It is hard to look at people who have advocated for that type of thing and still see them as fellow citizens to be honored and worked with instead of against.




User Comments

trump has told us, and continues to tell us who and what he is.  More of the nation apparently now believes what he is telling us.  He can still play games and cause confusion for almost two months but is that really how he wants to go out???

I wonder what it would take for people to stop believing the lies he spews on a daily basis. 

I don't know....it just proves something that was said one time "a fool is born every minute" to be true.

SFTL....not so fast!!!  Trump is determined to take this to the US Supreme Court and the only thing that can stop him is if the Court decides not to hear his case!!{#basic-cool.gif}


Yeah, I noted that in the blog itself but noted that it was hard to believe that the Supreme Court would find a valid argurment to overturn the decision by Pennsylvania or any other states that have ruled Biden the winner, except by partisanship on the part of th court.

That is never supposed to happen by the very virtue of our type of government.  Which means that the ruling they make needs to be backed up by something within the Constitution or law itself.

But time will ltell.  And if for some bizarre reason, the Supreme Court did decide to over-rule enough of the state decisions to change the election outcome, can you imagine how much we would be "getting along with each other" for othe next 4 year so as a nation??  {#bag-on-head.gif}{#basic-cool.gif}  

SFLT that will never happen!!!  To side with Trump would be to invalidate the Elections in PA. and Wisconsin...and here is the crazy thing, I am not sure that would be enough votes in Electoral College to give Trump the win....Biden would still have 270!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I agree...what would almost have to happen would be for enough of the Justices to make a partisan decision, and can you imagine the furor THAT would say. (that scenario is what that last paragraph was considering)

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