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Evidence is coming out and witnesses are testifying, pay attention and beware America

Added: Friday, November 8th 2019 at 10:18pm by scenefromtheleft


It is no surprise that the White House is trying to distract and belittle and do anything else that they can to derail the investigation in the quo pro quo deal that they tried to force the Ukraine into. After all, it stands to reason that the group that tried to torpedo the Mueller investigation and then tried to sell the American public the lie that the report exonerated them, would continue their assault on reality. The reading I have heard that is mostly likely is that there was technically no conspiracy to collude because the trump staff was too inert to actually follow though.

Meanwhile, the House is planning to start public hearings on the malfeasance by trump and his supporters next week. In fact, at least two or three transcripts of testimony before the House have been released, that of Alexander Vindman, Fiona Hill, and Duke. In addition, other snippets are slipping out.

Gordon Sondland, a solid supporter, giving a million dollars to the campaign for the party to celebrate sounds like a supporter to me, of trump is now a person that trump is claiming he “hardly knows”. We all know what that means. It agrees with the fact that Sondland has admitted to the House that in fact, the arrangements with the Ukraine were indeed quo pro quo.

In addition, Fiona Hill has testified that Bolton relayed to her that Giuliani had a hand grenade that was likely to blow everybody up at any time. In addition, there is testimony that Giuliani has waged a campaign of slander against a former ambassador to the Ukraine. Finally Ken indicates that unlike Pompeo claimed, the House has not abused him in any way. There has nothing but mutual respect extended.

So we see trump’s team using their political power to try and discredit not only the House but those that have testified. That is what crooks do, not what innocent folks do. And then there is the further evidence of wrong doing embodied in the executive branch’s attempt to stone wall and prevent the hearings from going forward.

trump has apparently ordered Mulvaney not to testify, even though he already said that it was likely a quid pro quo arrangement, but not under oath. First of all, I don’t understand how refusing to testify is legal. The House has subpoena power in order to follow investigations of suspected corruption. Certainly, if this was a court of law, he would be forced to testify.  I guess maybe if the Senate REALLY wants to get the truth, they might be able to require him to testify although i would have that the House could.

Of course, the spineless republicans will likely not remove trump from office, but at least we are getting evidence for the American people of just how low and dirty the con-man has taken the country. Then the voter will have the information and it will be our chance to do what’s wrong. If we don’t, then we deserve the disaster and cruelty that will likely be visited upon us as he continues to drive us down the road of bigotry and violence against minorities, not to mention more and more wealth disparity and lack of health care for those most in need. Oh and if he has his way, farewell to the free and independent media.

Pay attention…and be warned.


User Comments

Even if the Senate refuses to get rid of this bum, the American people should be listening and learning and still have a chance to save our nation.

Unfortunately the majority of people who are listening are the ones that got that piece of filth into the White House in the first place. The rest of the country lives in a permanent state of shock at what he is getting away with and in this stupefied state, they cant seem to be able to do anything about it.

I think things might be starting to change a bit now.  In 2018, the House become Democratic majority and at least that one body has the backbone to stand up to the crook in the white house.

Then there were two major wins in Kentucky and another state recently.  Who knows we might just flip some Senate seats....or the white house itself in 2020.

well nothing became of the Mueller investigation which was a total disappointment and waste of time so it seems people booting him out of the office in 2020 will be the only way to get rid of him.  This Ukraine circus feels like it will go the same way as the Mueller investigation and he will get away with it as well.

yeah, I don't know how he got away with the Mueller stuff...I never thought "there was no real proof of conspiracy to collude because the administration/transition team was too inept to effectively make plans" was a valid declaration of innocence.  But the House apparently decided that they needed more.

The sad thing is that there are still idiots supporting this crook.  I want the House to go ahead and impeach him though, even if he is not actually removed by the republicans in the Senate, because at least we can look back and say that SOME of the nation stood up to the bullying arrogant crook.

There is a resistance to trump just like there was to Hitler.

if all else fails, he will go down in history as THE most hated, most corrupt, most imbecilic, most reviled, and most unpresidential ass to EVER set foot in the White House. I hope he leaves with so much disgrace that they dont put his picture up in the White House president's Gallery.

I will certainly remember him that...or in my case history is now viewed as 44 presidents and one total scandal.

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