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us2nomads AMODPOVW

Even Fox News is saying trump is in trouble....wow!!!

Added: Monday, August 19th 2019 at 11:34pm by scenefromtheleft
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I never thought the day would come when I would post something from Fox. But this is perfect as it extends hope that America may just wake up. Sometimes I almost lose hope for this country. There is always something coming out that leads one to think that the country is going into the abyss. Just to name a couple, the horrible so called tax reform that only helpt redirect more money to the top of the wealth pyramid, and make the rest of us poorer, and this administration’s willingness to put children, babies even, into concentration camps. Based on those two things alone, it would almost appear that the country has lost its moral compass.

But thee are protestors still on the ground fighting this trumpification and catering to the White Nationalists that is going on. Now, there is another light in view. Fox news did a poll, and it shows that trump is in trouble against four of the democrats. In addition, Fox let an opinion post be put under their name stating clearly that trump has the approval of somewhere around 40 precent of the population. That many people now see him as hurting business and having made the country more divided with his twitter wars and what I will call his hate speech and bullying of anybody and everybody who tries to talk reason to him.

Of course, he is upset at Fox News because he is used the Sean Hannity and the other loud mouth bigots like Judge Jeanine and Laura Ingraham having his back. Fox, unfortunately for trump still does at least occasionally do some serious reporting. Which is why now he is upset with Fox, just like he is with CNN and the New York Times.

Honest reporting bothers trump because he wants total and complete submission and bowing and scrapping. Let’s face it, what he really wants is a dictatorship with him obeyed and everybody that sees what he REALLY is, being silenced.

Well, there are people that will continue to RESIST…and now even Fox news may be waking up and taking an honest look at the damage he has done with his criminal enterprise called “an administration”.

We may just stop him before he destroys the country after all.


User Comments

When even Fox differs from trump.....there is a ray of hope.

that's why he admires Kim and Putin so much, and desperately wants to be just like them and I will borrow money and bet he would be just as cruel and as ruthless a dictator as they are.

 Yeah, as much as he hates anybody to disagree with him, I wouldn't be surprised.  "off with their heads".

Maybe this has been the plan all along.  The rich get richer because trump is so "batshit crazy" and gets away with it, then the powers-that-be make sure he doesn't get re-elected because he truly is batshit crazy.

Just a thought.

hmmmmm....I would hate to think that you were right but you just might be.

I hate it, too, but think about it.  When you have billions of dollars, you can buy ANYTHING ... ANYTHING ... including things that should be unthinkable.   

Very true, and when a little more money can be gotten by doing the unthinkable, there is motivation to do it...for some.

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