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Enemy of the People: Dangerous time to tell the truth in America

Added: Sunday, July 21st 2019 at 12:07pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: politics, lies, bullying, trump

Yes, this is basically a book review.  I have read several of the books of how people have been attacked and mistreated by the turmp administration for doing their job.  Jim's book is not the best one, nor is it the worst.  The editing could have been better for one thing.

However, it serves as a good reminder of the many attacks trump has used against the free media and even the violence he encouraged as his rallies.  Some still maintain that he never did that, but it is recorded for all to hear.  It HAPPENED!!!!

Jim admits that his tactics have not been normal.  He has been aggressive in going after his stories.  But then, when you are dealing with a known liar who tries to manipulate the truth till it is unrecognizable, it takes aggressive techniques to do one's job of finding the truth.  Unordinary people in the Whte House call for different techniques by those interviewing them.

The lies trump has pushed is huge.  Starting with the statement that thousands of Muslim were partying to celebrate 9-11's destruction without any basis at all.  Nobody else saw this alleged celebrators or any party.   None of these lies are new, but the fact that there have been so many means that the book reminds us once again of the indignities trump has scammed us with in the past as we head into another round, like more than one in the new days.

The biggest reminder episode for me was likely the use that Sarah Hucklebee Sanders made of a doctored tape to try and say that Acosta attacked a communication staffer at the White House.  What really happened is she grabbed his mic and pushed into his arm herself.  Where did that doctored tape actually come from?  Apparently the conspiracy theorists, and lie maker, InfoWars.

This is the kind of character attacks the turmp administration is good at.  They will try and destroy anybody that tells a truth they don't want revealed...or who simply is trying to get the real story.

There is a theory advanced in the book that turmp enjoys the fighting.  In other words that he takes a kind of pleasure having nasty interactions. Which, Acosta says may be why he continues to be allowed to answer questions.  Well, if that is true, it is a very dangerous game because people have been known to send pipe bombs to "defend" trump...one did so, in fact, at one point.

Personally, I don't think trump is playing a game, I think he really is just that nasty.  But if he is, he needs to cut it out or lives are going to be lost.  People who resist or simply disagreeing with trump are getting death threats.  So, if it is a game for trump, it is no less dangerous to the rest of us as his supporters rally to his "defence" when he lies about how innocent he is and how guilty people like Jim are.

The book was perfectly titled and should be a warning to us all.  If we don't get this type thing stopped, there is no way to determine how far the country is going to sink...but I see bad times ahead.

User Comments

The book is basically a reminder of past abuses and a hint of what may come if we don't stop the liar-in-chief.

Bad times ahead? The US has been living the bad times for 2-1/2 years and what's ahead is going to be WORSE as the campaign season starts in earnest. Think about what happened during the previous campaign, what trump and his cohorts and minions did to get into office, think about the money he paid to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet, and the money that was paid to the playboy bunny to keep her story out of the media, think of the Russian involvement and dirty business to get him elected, think of all the smear campaigns on Hillary Clinton including trump having the audacity to bring in Bill Clinton's "victims" to one of their debates when he's got more than 20 sexual assault victims himself.

This campaign for 2020 is going to be even more crucial for him, he will fight tooth and nail to remain in office and it will be even dirtier, nastier and more egregious than anything America has ever seen, mark my words.  What's at stake is his indictments, trials and convictions that are waiting for him with the Southern District of New York once he is out of office and there are literally dozens.  Yes I would even go so far as to say people are going to be killed, just watch.


I know...the horrible thing is that we are going to be dealing with more and more judges appointed by this man.  If we don't manage to bring him to justice before he gets by hook or crook, another term, we are sunk for sure.

Nixon should have taken care of any idea that a person in the white house can't be indicted. It was just stupid not to clear that up before we got another crook in there.  Of course, arrogant us, we thought the Nixon scandal was the worst and we were "safe".

it boggles the mind that nobody could foresee this happening with trump getting into the White House. There should be a vetting process for candidates who throw their names in for the position of the most powerful man on earth, it is absolutely ludicrous that there is not basic standards of qualification to become POTUS, it is crazy!!


Especially when they are such nasty talking people to be begin with.  trump told us who he was at the very start.  Sadly so many didn't believe him or liked what he was telling us and now we are the laughting stock of the planet snd are betrayng everything we claimed to stand for.

other countries have civil wars, famine, brutal dictators, poverty, pestilence and rabid diseases. America has trump!!!

Well, they have this in common...they are all disasters.  Nobody votes for the famine, pestilence and disases, and few ever vote for the dictators.  Mostly because MOST of the dictators aren't in countries that have real elections.

In fact Nazi Germany and now the United States are the only countries I can think of off the top of my head thst actually voted for a wannabe dictator.

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