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Dying of Whiteness...when will we as a nation learn

Added: Tuesday, August 6th 2019 at 12:30am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, economy, politics

(third and last article from Dying of Whiteness, a book about how poor White people vote for republican policies that are going to hurt them)

The man above is the one that lead the state of Kansas into one of the deplorable conditinos ever, and unfortunately, the trump administration has at least at some points, continued to copy his policies. Why we, as a nation, can’t learn from our mistakes, even those by states within the last ten years, I don’t understand.

Greenback took over a state that was doing well by just about every message. In education, it was known as being on the vanguard of good educations. There were still high school drops and poverty but the state still was considered a good place to go to school. In fact, one of the biggest problems they had in Kansas City is that those on the Missouri side were jealous because they couldn’t attend schools on the Kansas of the dividing line.

Well, Brownback took care of that, along with his GOP allies in the state. He touted a financial package that wa about cutting back, and he did that with enthusiasm. He also did away with public schools totally, and he certainly cut many problems.

There was some racial underpinnings for some of this. Greenback was big on the claim that the schools were wasting money by teaching illegal immigrants and that administration was spending money on what he considered luxuries. The John Birch Society along with the Koch Brothers are big influencers in Kansas, and certainly seem not to care about minorities.

To “fix” the problem, he cut taxes on corporations and large money holders to almost nothing. In fact he himself, along with some friends, benefitted from that tax cut. At one point in the book, it is indicated that some companies were formed simply to be shelters from taxes and that he was part of the group that benefitted from that.

Overtime, the results were that schools went downhill. They tried a voucher program, which of course allowed those with the additional funds to go with the amount of the voucher to get their children into really good charter schools. However, that left the poor, with higher percentages of the Black and Hispanic communities being in that group, to suffer though poor under funded education.

Meanwhile it took time for the white population, especially those that had been most comfortable before the change to realize that some classes and underpinning had been cut out. But after a few years, the drop rate and the situation of poor education got the attention of the White majority and even many, maybe even most of even the Republicans in the state.

Yet, here we are, suffering under the so called leadership of a man with the policies that align with the horrors of Brownback. The scariest part of this whole episode is that life expectancy has gone down as a result of the poor infrastructure and education in Kansas for just those years he was in power.

And people wonder why I am fighting and praying for the cheap crook in the White House to be “short in days” in that position. Our country may depend on it..

User Comments

trump is to the nation, what Brownback was to Kansas...a real disaster!!!

you cant account for stupidity, if people want to keep voting against their own best interests, you just gotta let them and then sit back and watch them pay for their stupidity.  What else is there to do???

nothing....except that when people are that stupid, it also affects the rest of us.

then it is up to the rest of the people to make sure they are not outnumbered by the stupid ones. I hope every single person who is eligible to vote in 2020 does but sadly many wont.

Everybody SHOULD vote....well at least the ones that seen the writting on the wsll.  I don't care if some trump people stay at home.  LOL

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