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Maria Scarly666

Dr. Fauci issues another warning, and the EU bans travelers from the United States

Added: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 at 12:30pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, politics, health

Remember a few years ago, when the United States decided to ban Muslims from entering the United States, even those that were fleeing deadly situations?  Well, guess what, we now are facing our own little travel ban.

That's right, the European Union has decided that they are re-opening to foreign travelers, the United States will not be numbered among those who are welcome.  And they have a very good reason, I might add.  For the next two weeks, people from the United States are denied entry based on our numbers with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have done so poorly, and our numbers are going in the opposite direction that they should be going in, so that we actually are the nation that is more of a threat on Covid-19 than any other country, including places like Japan and Canada.

Good going, trump Administration, you have earned your own reward for your eagerness to enter the arena of banning specific groups of people.  Personally, I hope that EU not only follows though on this but also extends that ban until we get our act together.  But to do that, people are going to have to start respecting and abiding by social distanancing and the wearing of mask, which many are still refusing to do.

Related to that same issue, Dr. Fauci, who I still maintain is the only adult in the room on this virus, has issued a warning that with the current trends, we are likely to go further in the wrong direction and get up to 100,000 more cases per day.  We are currently sitting at slightly in excess of 40,000 per day nationally.

I can attest, as a result of Louisiana that our figures have gone back up, even though our governor and Mayor of New Orleans has encourages restraint, because so many have chosen to ignore proper safety precautions.  For a situation of maybe 500 in a day increase in cases, with maybe 15 deaths and almost no change or even a decline of hospitalizations, we are now at 1000 new cases, with 22 deaths and 44 more in the hospital over the course of a single day.

So, the EU is wise to ban people from the United States from traveling there.  I expect that other countries may just follow suite.  It will be interesting to see how people in this country react to the European, and possibly other countries, reaction to the fact that right  now, WE are the threat healthwise on the world stage.





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Wonder how some are going to react to our getting the treatment we have been handing out, right back, for logically the same reason.


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