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Cover-ups and more mud and one of the best memes around

Added: Friday, February 14th 2020 at 10:39pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, corruption, bullying

I had to laugh when I saw this image, not sure if it is called a meme or not, but I am going with that title. This is so true to form. What we see here is trump stomping on the Constitution. See the muddy footprints?

First, in 2016, most of us realize that he got help from Russia to get elected. In fact, we have him on tape asking Russia to get him Hillary’s email. Now, he can claim that was a joke all he wants, but anybody with common sense would know that this is not the kind of thing that a fiqure in politics should do or say. Especially when aiming for the top political position in the country.

We should expect our statesmen or stateswomen to be mature adults. They should tell the truth and should not be making the cuff statements about other people or things in general. While a joke is fine, trump definitely has poor taste in what he claims to be a joke. Notice, nothing ever claims that until the fire has blown up and people are upset, and then the apologists all lrush in to say that those of us on the left (or anybody that doesn’t agree with everything trump says) simply don’t have a sense of humor.

Well, making fun of a handicapped reporter is not FUNNY!!! It is rude and offensive. Some light to complain about having to be “politically correct” but that, dear reader is simply decency and polite society. Many of those defending trump in this behavior would very likely punish their children for laughing at the blind guy down the street….and should. Yet, they are perfectly willing to let the man who sits in the oval office get away with that same behavior. And that is just one layer of the BS, sadly there is nothing in the constitution about politicians having to keep a civil tongue in their heads or refraining from insults or slander either.

However, asking Russia for help with opponents in 2016 and then following it up in late 2019 to ask the Ukraine for help against another political opponent IS unconstitutional. Ignoring Congresses mandate and stated refusal to built an unnecessary border walk and rerouting money from already designated area to get it anyway IS against the constitution.

Rewarding a rabble rousing bigot who has attacked and passed conspiracy theories as though they are facts may just be poor taste and a lack of common politeness, but having the DOJ change a court mandated verdict on one of his crooked buddies is. While he, at least in theory, has the right to pardon anybody he wants to, he doesn’t have the right to order or have the DOJ order a reduction of the verdict.

But then nasty people like Roger Stone and Rush Limbaugh is what the trump administration likes. trump himself has spread fake information as though it were true. First it was the Birther lie about Obama not being born in American when he was born in Hawaii, very much a part of the United States. Then it was the lie about the Muslims in New Jersey that he claimed that he saw, with his own eyes, having a party to celebrate the 9–11 terrorist attack.

In other words, trump tries to out lie Rush Limbaugh. Likely that is for the same reason, ie to stir up hate and bigotry. So it is not a shock that he would honor such a man.

Sadly, there is now a tarnish on the Medal of Freedom that will likely always be there. I don’t know about anybody else, but I wouldn’t want an awared if I had to share it with a low life like Rush Limbaugh….but then I understand that the trump administration is a criminal enterprise and hopefully a blip on the history of the United States and at some point in the near future , it will be in our rear view mirror. Just a sad 4 years on the road to being a decent and great country again.

American WAS a great country…until trump got in office..

User Comments

This has been the most dispicably nasty 4 years this country has ever likely seen.  And some are determined to make sure they continue to be that way.

Not just walking on the Constitution, but shitting all over the Constitution and rule of law.

Yeah, and poor Moscow Mitch, trying to sweep it all under the rug...LOL

Did anyone really not see it coming back in 2016???  Really??????  I saw it!!!!

I saw bs and criminality and stupidity coming.  But it still keeps getting worse than I imagined.

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