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Biden still has many more votes that trump..despite the suggestions coming from the conspiracy theory believers

Added: Thursday, November 19th 2020 at 4:34pm by scenefromtheleft
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Ok, we all know that trump is refusing to concede. According to him, the United States citizenry can’t be trusted to vote…and certainly not in their own self-interest. I would suggest that the evidence to support that theory just might be in there in that enough people in the rights states (mind you, the popular vote was over 3 million more for Hillary) that trump managed to get into office.

The fact is that Hillary would have likely been better at the job on a bad day than trump has been on his best day. The division he has nurtured and empowered is on a par never before pushed by the top office of the country. Hate groups have marched in the streets with anti-Jewish, anti-Arab, anti-immigrant hatred from day one encouraged by the trump administration.

And now, four years later, trump is still spreading hatred and voter fraud rumors in order to make Americans not trust our own government and believe that no vote is good unless it is a vote for trump. Well, I know my vote was valid, and it certainly wasn’t for trump. Of course, I believed him when he told us via his speeches who he was, and just enough others realized it this time and voted against this elitist filled band of crooks.

And the Great State of Georgia is the one first on the list of trump attacks because of their voting. A Biden victory in Georgia has to be because it was rigged, so say the trump supporters. They are busy celebrating the fact that 5000 voters were found that had not been counted spread across two counties. This is being heralded as the end of the Biden majority. Really??? The state as a whole showed at the beginning 14000 more votes for Biden than for trump.

But let’s look at what is really going on with those 5,000 votes. The first thing we need to take in is that those 5000 votes were missed, missed not a case of fraud as in credited to the wrong person which is what trump is implying when he says “voter fraud”. There is also no indication that those votes were illegally done.

There are actually two countries that have had some votes not counted. The first was Floyd County which apparently hadn’t remembered 2600 votes on a memory call. The result of that count was that trump won by 800 votes. That is 800 of the 14,000 difference. That leaves us with 13,200 more votes for Biden. Floyd is a small conservative county.

The second county is Fayette County. There the total votes missed were 2755 with trump getting 1577 and Biden getting 1128. That is at most 450 votes. This leaves the official vote spread in Georgia 12,929 more votes for Biden than for trump. In case the math is unclear that means that Georgia still goes for Biden. 1100 votes are not enough to turn the tide and get those Electoral College votes for trump.

Those figures have been agreed to by the Secretary of State for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger. Mr. Raffensperger is a Republican, interestingly enough. So, I think that pretty much tells us that even some Republicans are waking up to the facts of the case.

I agree with those that say that every legal vote needs to be counted, but I don’t subscribe to the same “trump only votes to be counted” philosophy that trump seems to subscribe to. The fact is that in Georgia, over 17,000 people have died because the state went along with trump’s policy of ignoring Covid-19 for too much of the time. Voters in the state woke up and didn’t like what they saw.

But then, that started at least by 2018, when the Republicans ran a man with a sexual assault record for the Senate, and they voted for the Democrat instead. Southerners are not universally gullible, and after a while, they smell what the cook is cooking, and trump is a cook that is whipping up hatred and racism at a rate unseen in modern American history while doing as little as humanly possible for those needing a safety net in a shaky economy.


User Comments

So, Biden won Georgia, at this point, by 12,900 votes rather than 14,000.  Wow, how wonderful for trump.

so he will go down in history as THE worst POTUS ever, impeached and booted out in his first term AND the biggest cry baby sore loser EVER!!!!!   His followers/supporters/sycophants/defenders must be so proud of his and of themselves for supporting such a loser!!

words like "worst" and "biggest....especially when associated with cry baby"aren ot what any American leader should aspire to.  Fortunately, I don't know any other candidate, Democratic or republican either one, who would qualify as well as trump has.

Well, maybe trump Jr or Eric....they are about witless and uncaring about humanity as their father is...and maybe Ted Cruz, but even Ted might be at least a tad better.

==== it is not conspiracy voting is proven to be tampered with. At least fight your battle with truth .

Yeah, right.  So how do you explain your defence of the liar-in-chief that is sitting in the White House trying to turn the whole nation into a petty dictatorship.

i call it a conspirary theory but am open to another phrase for it if you want to suggest one.

vic I'm not going to argue with you....when the MSM is being sued for fake  news against Trump for months on end..... neither T or B is perfect either are we it is not conspiracy when it comes to politicians and any thinking adult should know this.

Who said anything about anybody being perfect.  It is just that Biden is a normal average human being, and trump is a con-man and crook and the worst thing that has happened to the nation in the last 150 years at least.

Some of your cohorts call Biden a Socialist....that isn't true but trump is a racist and a bigot or uses rhetoric to rile up racists and bigots in order to build his own personal power.

He has always backed the worst people in the country...the so called "White Nationalist".  And if anything is proof, then what he did to the trans community should tell any thinking American that he is not for fairness or even human rights.  He is a would be autocrat and unless he is gotten of there, we will be living under a dictatorship.

And like you said "any thinking adult should know this" just by watching him in action.

Oh and your little bit about MSM..two things.  1. who is suing them...whoever the particular company is you are referring to?  trump...trump sues everybody who reports anything that doesn't make him look like a saint and a "stable genius" (neither of which he is by the way) and 2. if I have to choice the media I will trust, I will certainly trust established long-term media sources like the New York Times and the Washington Post, not to mention CNN and BBC, more than I will some fly by night woman screaming about "Fauci using vaccines to brainwash us" or such.

You say you don't want to argue and yet here you are saying things that you must know I am not, in a million years, going to agree with. {#basic-cool.gif}

That is not fact what is on record of both them shows much difference and  it shows you don't do your research on the people you opinions are from those who have an agenda to have people swayed to their views  ..Biden is far from a normal human being  it is very public IF YOU LOOK Jilly girl did a great job of lieing her way thought their yrs of affairs on that shit infront of his boys... I know him well  over the yrs as I do Trump is a NewYork City business man and a very successful one who  is also not saint but has  also done many good things for people and communities like Harlem  and the Black Community to improve their lives and Atlantic City. I WITNESSED IT..  Biden on the other hand was sued for plagiarism which proves his stupidity as it was from several well known presidential  famous speeches he has been a joke of never having his own words or ideas and this was on MSM at the time 30yrs ago... one was a repeat of  JFK most famous speeches How Stupid is That~ and he is  a pedophile and Tons of video proof.. along with this latest communist affiliations with his son and Harris's husbands business affiliation with CCP,,, taped phone calls of communist affiliation don't lie and are not conspiracy. Which I and thousands have heard before the FBI shut them down..Also  his long political time in Del which is  close to socialism with no Taxes It Is My Neighbor State.  Pa mine puts me between them both and is a totally corrupt one with the opposite of taxing us out the ass. I have yrs of watching these two men B a politician selling himself to the public and T in Bus. only playing with his money not careing what the public thought or hiding it.  I don't care what your opinion is, but don't go calling things conspiracy when there is evidence of truth.  Beyond that this is not about political partys it's about the United Nations New World Order takeover and why the C19 and our Election are of interest due to World Domination of those who want a Totalitarian Rulership over us and refer to it as THE RESET Please consider informing yourslef about this is is the 666 spoken and believe me  a nut case or not you and every human on earth need to at least know enought of the current agenda your under to make a choice of freedom or slavery under the NWO plans..

Ok, you trust the media  you trust, which is nothing in my mind but crazy conspiracy theories, and I will trust the ones that I do, which is the mainstream, long established and known sources rather than the fly by night crackpots that you seem to hold in such high esteem.

When Biden is proved to the winner, I will rejoice and be happy...not because he is perfect but because next to a Nazi type idiot crook, he is closer by a long shot.

trump is a con man....fake university, fake charity both of which were forced out of business.  Good businessman, bullshit.  He managed to go bankrupt with a casino.  

you always set up yourself up as the expert on everything and nothing that you say has any confirmation by a LEGITIMATE NEWS SOURCE.

I will forget your statements comparing trump and Clintin ....now she would have been a better President on her worst day than trump on his best day. All you are doing here is spreading your inane and insane conspiracy theories.

I will give you time to read this so I can't be accused with justification of writting and then blocking so you can't read and know what I said....but after about an hour or two, I will put you on block.  I can't comment on your page, but you can spread your unsubstanated bullcrap on mine?? I don't think.

Any further comment from you will be deleted.

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} and utter bullcrap is exactly what she spouts all over the place.  She has every right to believe all the crap but to try to shove it down other people's throats and do it to such an extent that she questions your integrity and intelligence is outrageous!!  It is all conspiracy crap that she is spouting and it makes her sound totally insane. Nobody needs to put up with that crap. She can keep it to herself on her pages, not yours or mine!!

Amen!!!! I went by her page on one thing that she posted today and was not allowed to comment. Which i found a bit more than ironic.

She started out saying she wasn't going to argue with me, but she should have known I wasn't going to just give in.  Believing in crazy conspiracy theories is one thing, being so arrogant about it is another entire

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