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As usual the ones most likely to suffer because of national divorce are the poorest

Added: Tuesday, March 21st 2023 at 3:51pm by scenefromtheleft


As most of us know by now, some on the right are trying to bulldoze their views onto all Americans. They hate the LGQBT population, and although nobody has said that they want to totally do away with the Lesbian or Gay population yet, they HAVE said that the Trans population should be made totally illegal and non-existent. Well, we all know that making our Trans brothers and sisters and the non-binary persons non-existent will not, in fact, work. What they MAY manage to do is make them face violence, discrimination and endless mistreatment which will scar them for their entire lives.

However, although I won’t actually give a person like MTG credit for being a decent human being, I will say that divorce might very well be the ONLY solution. Personally, I am old enough at 69 not to be directly under attack, however, many of those in my community who are younger are, and I can see “divorce” being a valid option if the bigots refuse to allow us to be ourselves. But, then I am not trans. The interesting thing is that nobody in our camp is in any way questioning their right to be heteronormative. Nor are we saying they can’t carry babies full term if that is what works for them spiritually physically and fiscally. Most of us on the left are totally willing to allow others to live by their own light…just not demand that we do the same.

Although I mentioned abortion as a woman’s right, I am going to stick to the trans issue. Right now, in Texas and Florida, they are trying to turn loving parents who are working with their beloved children to allow them to be truly themselves into criminals as defined by the state. Some have already fled their native states and gone elsewhere in order to provide their children the care that is required for their good health ongoing.

One of those states is Minnesota, where one mother has fled from Texas to allow her non-binary child to live their best life. Louie Bullock was 17 when their mother became aware that the state of Texas was going to pursue investigation into her allowing Louie to get the gender care that they wanted to be who they were, as a none binary individual. She then took Louie to Minnesota where they were free from state prosecution though of course, even then bigotry does exist.

The state of Minnesota is now talking about a bill on the state level to refuse to extradite families who want to provide gender health care to their trans gendered off spring back to the state that is seeking to criminalize them. Fortunately, there is a good chance that this protection will pass in the state. There is a trans representative in the state house working for the bill, and the governor has written an executive order in the meantime, protecting those families.

I will also point out that both houses of the legislative branch in Minnesota has enough Democrats that, if they all stand up for justice for their trans population, the bill will pass. That will result in Minnesota being a safe space for the transgendered community.

In addition, there are 18 more states where there are efforts being considered to grant refugee status to families including trans offspring. California, always a beacon on the hill in the human rights struggle, is already in process. In addition, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virgina have efforts going on. Now, we know that not all of those states will pass such bills. This is just a list of those with LGBTQ activists working to get bills before the public to get civil liberty for all persons to live as their real heart felt selves. However, I suspect that Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Michigan and New Mexico might possibly have a decent chance of doing the decent thing. With Minnesota, that gives us 7 (hopefully more) states on the liberty and human right affirming side of the chart.

Since 19 states are on record as having anti-trans policies in place, any state that is willing to grand asylum is a good step in the right direction and anybody, anywhere making the attempt is to be applauded.

But then the sad part of all is that those families at the bottom of the economic ladder, who don’t have the money to pick up and move to a more life affirming state, will be the ones caught in the cross hairs. They won’t have the money to move and that is often why they are living in such backward conditions to begin with. My urge would be, in addition to a real policy divorce where those affirming the right of the trans person to be themselves refuse to give in to banishments of the states that want to deny civil liberty to trans persons, but also have some sort of personal grass roots action to try to level the playing field, and help those that need to get out of a backward state leave….kind of like the underground railroad before or during the civil war that allowed former slaves to escape their imprisonment in the horrible system of slavery.

We all have our work cut for us, and need to give consideration to new ways of being….that will allow maximum freedom for ALL our people.*** Note: all was a cause of a poor choice of words to express what I was trying to say. This post is to try to point out ways around the roadblocks to equal human rights for all that the current republican party is now pushing on our nation. While this method would not take care of the whole problem, because the poor without the financial wellbeing sufficient to moving to another state is still a major problem, at least knowing where one can go, if they have the money or resources is a way to allow some, maybe a lot to benefit from equal rights until we are able to get a Congress that will set aside this whole “pick on the vulnerable” tract.***

Next issue written about is likely to be the abortion/women’s choice issue and how we can use the already suggested “divorce” to help with that problem as well.

***please note: the additional information between the *** s is an attempt to clarify verbiage that had confused some readers, as well as my own realization that it was a flippant unexplained comment.



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