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Another piece of evidence that Republicans both feel somehow entitled and are thin skinned

Added: Friday, August 9th 2019 at 1:29pm by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: trump, racism, lies, hypocrisy, politics

Now, first of all, in the Times article, it reports death threats, or really just statements that they hope that the owner of a company supporting trump dies and goes to hell. I don’t support that, let me be perfectly clear on that point. However, i do think it is legitimate practice to organize a boycott of said companies. That is a time honored form of political action and interestingly, has been done by conservatives for years.

Stephen Ross is a billionaire who owns two major fitness/gym enterprises (SoulCycle and Equinox). He is also a maxed out supporter of trump. This came to the attention, along with 43 other companies and people in the San Antonio area and they organized a boycott of his establishments. If I were to join a gym, which I am not likely to at this point, it certainly would not be one that is owned by this man. If he is supporting the man who has empowered the worst element of our society, he is not a man who needs my business.

Now, let’s look at the outrage coming from the Right. While i think the nasty comment about hell and death were uncalled for, the republicans are wrong in thinking that they have the right to do whatever they want, but the people who object don’t have the same right.

Stephen Ross has the right to give money to the man that I believe to be the worst threat to democracy or anything good outcome for minoriites or really even “the white people” that he is supported by the most. (witness what his tariffs are doing to the farmers) However, I have an equal right not to support said activity by doing business with him.

Free Speech covers money, at least if the Citizens United decision continues to stand. However actual speech, including withholding money is also a legitimate method of speech, if not more so.

I would love to have a list of all businesses that use MY money to support the evil of racism as represented by trump, so I could boycott every one of them. I still won’t go to Chic-fi-la, which I pass every couple of days, because of their support of anti-gay positions. I will never support a company that I know advocates for my even worst second classed citizenship, so why should I support a company that supports the horrors done by this bigoted crook currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Av.

Don’t try to tell me he ain’t a bigot, he came on the scene attacking Muslims and Hispanics fleeing gangs and political abuse. Nothing says bigot like that rhetoric no matter what other words he might use to try and fool the people into thinking he isn’t.

So don’t call and wish them dead, but give them NO MONEY!!!! I vote we get as complete a list of these people working against us as average citizens of whatever ethnicity or national origin or sexuality and boycott them all. Oh, and protests are also legitimate modes of speech in this country


User Comments

Boycott Stephen Ross....it is legitimate free speech as much as his right to support the person in the White House.  Don't fuel him or anyone else in discriminating and dehumanizing large populations of good people.

Yeah this business of people from aqny ppolitical corner to bethreatening the life of people they disagree with or dislike is unacceptable.  Totally not necessary.  Everyone seems bent on destroying the lives of people they disaprove or or dislike, but who actually is not affecting their own life in any way at all.

Extremism from any and every angle is getting out of hand.

Sadly, but maybe somewhat understandably, extremist from one side engenders an equal and opposit reaction in some.  Not that it is right, but sadly almost to be expected.

I dont understand people who align themselves with despicable characters, the only thing I can think of is that they are of the same ilk.

Yeah, pretty much.

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