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all retirees need to note that trump and republicans are NOT our friends, never have been

Added: Monday, October 21st 2019 at 1:31am by scenefromtheleft
Related Tags: money, taxation, politics

Let’s be real and just admit that the republican party has never done anything for the poor or the middle class. Ever since my earliest memories, they have always worked for the big corporations. Growing up in poverty, I always knew that unions and protection for the working and middle class was more likely from a democratic politician than a republican.

In fact, starting with Reagan, we had the republicans pushing the atrocerity called “trickle down economics”. That is sadly the system they STILL hang on to, even though the creator of this shim sham of a theory has disavowed it himself. Under this debacle of an economic system, also called supply side economics, tax breaks are given to the wealthy and the owners of corporations. The idea is always presented as “some money will trickle down to the masses”. Only it never seems to do so, and the rich just get richer and the poor get poorer.

During my entire working career of 38 years, I took the basic exemption and didn’t try to get any more than that. Why? Because since my parents and i were on government assistance after my father got ill and finally died, when i was 17, I felt I owed into the system. I didn’t begrudge the federal government any of what they wanted from me, and therefore took the basic deduction, because i hoped by doing that, it would ensure that other people were able to get assistance when needed.

I saved into a pension fund which was placed in an IRA type fund toward retirement and accumulated a fair amount, just south of half a million. The savings is still in that fund and I get a check from it for monthly bills. It subsidies my Social Security. And here is the problem.

The so called tax reform that the republicans passed in 2018 hurt me considerably and that was just the first year. It is only going to get worse from there. I ended up having to pay several hundred dollars more in 2018, and that was with the lower rate of taxation. In 2019, and for the next few years, the rate that i am going to be retired to pay is going up. That is true for every person that is retired on a limited amount of money. In my cases it is money that has to keep me going the rest of my life.

The awful thing is that as I get older, I am going to pay a higher percentage of my income back into the federal government while, if trump and the republicans get their way, we will get fewer safety nets for those needing them.

I am actually scared about my financial future. I don’t remember ever feeling this unsure about money and being able to survive. And people wonder why I am so totally against not just republicans, but people like trump. People who are making my senior years a nightmare of financial insecurity just so corporations can grab and keep a few more dollars out of the pool of available finances and hoard those dollars and treat the poor and middle class as disposable. (and that is on top of the xenophobic, racist and homophobic policies that trump caters to)

I hope that the democrats, or the democratic socialists, get in power because then the poor working folks of this country might get a fair shake, an a decent retirement after putting years and years into the work a day world. Of course, unions are of primary importance in helping guarantee that because corporations are created for money making and will hoard every penny they can get their paws on for the wealthy investors. They have proven that over and over again, and republicans do everything they can to help do so.

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yes, i am afraid for the future, unless the democrats win. i don't see good things, as 2018 was a downturn in my economic situation and that was supposed to be the best year for the middle class....but then trump, as usual, lied.

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