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Air Force?? Not the worst of it, how bout the golf courses

Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 12:49am by scenefromtheleft

What is the latest scandal in this already known to be corrupt administration? Well, I would not have thought this particular one would be this well covered. I mean, trump suggesting doing the G-7 in 2020 at one of his resorts seems worse to me somehow. That is a clear case of emoluments..ie profiting from deals with foreign nations in ones’ personal life. Otherwise, called “profiting personally from being in office”.

There is a rule that a person resident in the oval office is bot to profit from financial entanglements with foreign powers. That is rightly seen as being a severe conflict of interest. It might be tempting to think that it would less serious to profit personally from providing services to our own compatriots.

Apparently, however, congress, especially the House is taking a very serious view of trumps self promoting of his own businesses, and the use those personal investments of his (that he didn’t put in a blind trust as is the norm by the way) are being used for government functions.

He has been going to Mar-a-Lago and thereby using that location to profit by having the secret service there and I would say that he has given an insider view to many of the members of that golf facility. That is not just dangerous for national security, it is giving a path to people that have memberships there, to have input out of proportion to their importance to the politics of the nation. That is likely why the membership fee went up as high as it has….which once again, he is profiting personally from his position.

But the newest scandal is the Air Force has stopped and stayed the night at Turnberry, the trump property in Scotland. This is being investigated by both the Air Force itself, which is checking into how the Air Force officers are making decisions about such stop overs.

trump, naturally, denies that he has “anything to do with it”. I don’t believe him since he has told more lies over the course of the last three years than can be reliably counted. Oftentimes, he tells 2–3 stories about one event, contradicting himself in the course of one weekend.

Also the House is looking at adding “profiting personally” to the charges for any move to impeach him.

I am delighted to see the concern. For too long now, this man has gotten away with figurative murder almost without question. While I think the use of Dorsal for G-7, and the constant meetings at his personal properties is clear evidence of emoluments, the Air Force thing is just about one of the many ways that trump has tried to feather his own nest off the federal budget…while claiming to ….”help the American people”. The one he is helping is trump.






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the king of corruption rides again....I would have thought having members of mar-a-lago have an inside look at the policy decisions and using his properities to "entertain" and profit from visits from foreign leaders would hsve been enough, but it takes the Air Force having to an internal investigation to get people to noce, so be it.

I sound like a broken record I guess but I have to say it again and again. If this was President Obama, not that orange scumbag, he would have been impeached 2-1/2 years ago!! The fact that the right-wing lunatics all seem to be okay with that filthy scum getting away with everything he has gotten away with and will vote for him again in 2020 shows just how sick they all are!!

I agree, Maria. I don't understand it either.  It is simply beyond comphrension.

President Obama just BARELY got away with wearing a tan suit and asking for dijon mustard on his hot dog, as it was, some of those lunatic's heads were spinning....lol.

Yeah, they hated that tan suit...it made them see red..>LOL

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