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After the booster shot, What is the new normal for me....with Covid

Added: Monday, October 25th 2021 at 11:03am by scenefromtheleft
Category: Health > Covid19

This is an opinion and personal resolution post about what the new normal is going to be from here on out…at least for the next while. At least this is the new normal for me. Two things have happened or been done in the last few days that give me some home. The first is that it seems that the number of new Covid cases is down somewhat and the death numbers are lower as well. The other is that I went Friday and had my booster shot for covid.

Biden has very wisely tried to issue a mandate to enforce health safety for everybody. However, there are still selfish folks, including the leadership of some states that are refusing to go along with the vaccine and mask mandates. What that means is that the chances are that new variants will very likely come on the scene as these anti-vaxxer people refuse to be vaccined and even to wear a mask, so I am not feeling safe even yet.

So here is how I intend to deal with it.

1. I will still continue to wear a mask when I am in the general population

2. If I go to a restaurant, I will do so at slow times during their day so that it will not be so crowded.

3. If I get on a plane, it will be one that requires proof of vaccination before boarding…or barring that one that only allows those with proof of vaccination or recent (as in the last week) test before boarding.

4. I will go occasionally to meet a friend in a bar…but only when very few are there, and will likely do so with a mask unlike in a situation where I know I am talking in a group with everybody having been vaccinated.

5. no movies at a theater where I can not control who all is around

6. even though I live in New Orleans, I will not be attending any parades….UNLESS I can get at the edge of the audience and/or wear a mask.

7. I have no intention of traveling to any state that has a really strong “anti-vaxxer” or “anti-mask” impact, which right now includes my home state, as well as Texas, Florida, and just about the entire south. (fortunately, New Orleans has a good mandate in place for most locations)

These are my resolutions for the future until such time as Johns Hopkins on their Covid map show that much fewer new cases and deaths are taking place than are right now. While the numbers are fairly ok right now, every time I have felt a “ray of hope” for the last 18 months, a new variant or outbreak has come along.

I hate to say it, but I simply don’t trust about 35 percent of this country not to deliberately ignore health guidelines and threaten my life by their carelessness and reckless disregard for human life.

User Comments

One persons look at what "the new normal" looks like.

Agreed. Hoping winter does not bring new variants.

Afraid it will....I think there is already another one on the way...Lambda or Omega or something.  But the longer people are allowed to run around without getting the vaccine, the more we are going to be having to watch ourselves in order to stay in good health.

I basically follow most of what you said and I have had the booster, a flu shot, a shingles vaccine, etc.

I go to the movies on Friday afternoon to a theatre that is not new so even with big hits there are usually no more than, maybe, 15 people in a 200 seat auditorium---I will not be traveling anymore so that's not a problem--I have always gone 'off-hours' to eat in restaurants---haven't been to a bar in 40 years--if I go to supermarkets, parades, crowded places I have no problem with masks or keeping distance--the only thing I am not sure about is going to see a touring Broadway show--will they be crowded or will people stay away--I know proof of vaccination will needed but I guess depending on seats sold don't know if there will be empty seats in-between parties or what--all I can do is wait and then make up my mind.

And yes, like I 'carded' people when HIV and AIDS first came on the scene I am doing that still plus want to see their vaccination card! :O)

So, you think that with your governor fighting against mandates, the touring shows will still check people for being vaccinated for Covid?  Part of my concern is that some people are not only refusing to get vaccinated, but are getting support for doing so from their local government.

Fortunately, in Louisiana, despite the fact that most of the state government is republican and might be of a mind to try something like that, the city of New Orleans is almost totally Democratic and our major is very careful and slow to stop the restrictions. The governor has wisely allowed NO to "go strongly that the state mandates" if that is what they feel is necesary.

Right now all Broadway Theatres require it but then people who are too dumb to get vaccinated don't go to the Theatre!!  (Couldn't help myself---can't wait for the responses!! LOL)



There won't be any responses of a negative nature since this page is only open to comments from friends.  Now can't say who might write their own blog venting their spleen.  LOL

Common Sense is a rare commodity in today's crude society 🇺🇸

Yeah, logic is not so strong either in some circles.  I mean, worrying about a "conspiracy theory" that would have to have hundreds of thousands or millions of moving parts seems highly unlikely to me.  Yet, they want to claim that the whole pandemic is make believe.

I will NEVER understand anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers so I am left with the notion that they are simply entitled, spoilt, "the world owes ME a living" shitheads who dont give a damn about anyone but themselves.   Thankfully, most people are sensible like you and follow safety protocols to stay safe.

Well, my take is not much better.  I think they are freedumb lovers and intrepret the idea of freedom such that they have the freedom to contribute to the death of those around them in a misguided idea of what freedom means.

It has often been said that one persons freedom ends where it hits the fellow citizenry in the nose...and THE ANTI-VAXXERS freedom is doing precisely that because it is not just allowing but encouraging new variants.

The booster makes me feel fairly safe from every variant thought Delta, but I have no confidence that it will prevent my getting the Omega or Lambda or Zeta variant that the anti-vaxxers manage to cause.  I admit I kind of resent having to still wear a mask and avoid crowds because of these selfish spoilt people.

Now, my anger doesn't extent to people who have illnesses like allertgies or respiratory problems where they have told that they cant take the vaccine.

"  I admit I kind of resent having to still wear a mask" But I look sey in a mask!!!! LOL

even within the x I am thinking you are saying you look "sexy" with a mask.  But see, I look sexy anyway so the mask doesn't change that, but it  kind of hides my sexiness a little.  hehe.

Yes that is SEXY!!! LOL  

I look sexy with or without mask but as one of my neighbors with good tatse told me I look mysteriously sexy with a mask!!

LOL--see my additional comment!

a little mystery almost always adds to the sexy level, I always say. LOL

well all those anti-vaxxers will find out just how much freedom they will really have when they will not be allowed to board aircraft, to travel overseas, even to eat at restaurants or go to concerts.  If they are stupid enough to be stubborn about their "entitlements" it will serve them right.

sadly in too many places in the United States they are being allowed to get away with it...I am delighted to see other countries might just be taking more precauctions for the health of their populations.

As I say in the blog, I don't think I will consider flying on with any air company that doesn't mandate vaccination and/or masks.  At least for a while yet.

yeah, states such as Texas and Florida that have leaders who dont give a damn how many people are dying on their watch, it is disgusting!!!

Which means I have all sorts of reluctance to visit either state, or to run iinto people from either of those two states in particular for fear of their contamining me with another one of the variants their stubbornness has allowed to come into being.

real patriotic, arent they????? {#black_quiet.gif}

Yeah, very.  {#bag-on-head.gif}

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